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River of News is a simple and beautiful RSS reader that uses your gmail address to sync with the magic of Google Reader. Read all of your favorite blogs and web sites in one app.

This version of River of News is supported by ads. Upgrade in the app to the paid version to eliminate the ads and enable sharing.

▶ I love Google Reader! Does River of News work like the web site?

Absolutely, but better. This is the only iPad app that lets you simply scroll through the full articles, one after the other. You don't have to keep opening and closing windows. And, of course, articles get marked as read when you scroll past them.

And, unlike the Google Reader web site, River of News is gorgeous and optimized for the iPad.

▶ I'm tired of wasting my money on lousy apps. How do I know River of News won't be another one?

Here are what some of the most popular reviewers and Apple commentators have said:

✭ "This River of News is awesome" - Leo Laporte on MacBreak Weekly
✭ "Shrewd Design" - Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times
✭ "The killer app for news consumption may have finally hit the iPad" - AppAdvice
✭ "As pleasurable of an experience as I could ask for" - MacWorld
✭ "My new favorite iPad news reader" - TNW Apps
✭ "It’s simple, elegant, clean-looking, and just simply works great" - theipadfan.com
✭ "Easily my favorite RSS reader" - iPadInsight.com

▶ What makes River of News different from other news readers?

● Simplicity. Other apps make you open and close windows and go backward and forward. River of News is less about navigating and more about reading. You simply scroll through your articles in a continuous stream. When you are done with a feed you can pick another from the list or just swipe sideways to get the next one.

● Created for people who read. River of News is designed to provide depth and engage you in reading all of this fantastic content on the internet. There are so many sources for snippets of information. You have Facebook and Twitter and a thousand other ways to view headlines. River of News always presents the full newsfeed article with big images and videos. It draws you in and encourages you to read instead of skimming. The goal is to read, not scan little boxes.

▶ I like check lists. What are the features of River of News?

● Always in sync with Google Reader
● Continuous scrolling list of articles
● Swipe sideways between feeds
● Mark as read while you scroll
● Double tap to jump to the next article
● Typography optimized for reading
● 6 fonts and 4 sizes. Choose what is comfortable for your eyes.
● Sort by newest, oldest, or magic
● Pinch to zoom images. Tap and hold to save to them.
● One step sharing with configurable gestures

▶ Can I share articles and send them to other services?

After purchasing the full version, you can send any article to any supported service with a popup menu. And even better, you can configure River of News to do one-step sharing with a two or three finger tap. Is your workflow that you like to read articles and send the interesting ones to Instapaper for reading later? It's so easy. Just scroll around and tap anywhere in the article without having to find little buttons on the screen.

Share to:
● Facebook
● Twitter
● Instapaper
● Pocket
● Readability
● Email
● Pinboard
● Diigo

Please note that a Google Reader account is required.

Write to dylan@idylliccode.com with anything you'd like to say about River of News or what you look for in a newsreader.

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