価格 360円
開発者Alpha72 Games
リリース日2010-11-02 06:57:25
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互換性iOS 8.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Brickadelic is a feature packed Breakout extravaganza. Taking the basic elements of the classic 1970's game and enriching them with breathtaking effects and introducing numerous new elements into the mix.

Lovingly crafted over 4 years, Brickadelic has been expanded into the epitome of Breakout games. Featuring 3 distinct modes of play, 100's of levels and full screen effects never seen before. The Bricks don't just sit there but slowly descend the screen forcing you to constantly adapt your strategy and keep you on your toes. Help is at hand in the form of over 100! different power ups, 16 ball types and Fruit pick ups that increase the length and power of your balls turning them in to devastating snakes.

All balls left in play at the end of a level turn to Gold Rings. Collect enough Rings and you can take on one of the 16 Bosses and unlock Extra Content, including a 2 player Pong game, DIY level editor where you can hand draw your own pictures then play them as levels, a 1980's retro pixel mode, new Skins, new Bat, mini-games, mirror-box and more effects.

Unique to Brickadelic is the Gamble button. When you get close to finishing a level you can choose to Gamble. Your bat will disappear and your remaining balls are left to complete the level on their own. Succeed, and you can get a big bonus, fail and you lose a life.

Brickadelic's Puzzle Mode offers you a chance to test your brain power over 120 cunningly designed levels. You'll need to work out the correct order to hit the Bricks to make groups of 3 or more of the same colour.

Adventure Mode has 240 themed levels and mini-game variant levels like Duck Shoot, Pictures, Trampoline, Driving Test, Alien Invasion, Hyper Jump & DIY levels.

Arcade Mode just throws you in at the deep end with non-stop Brick Busting action.

Also watch out for the 'Strange' power ups that twist, distort and spin the whole display making fantastic patterns as you play.

In essence 27,000+ bricks, 100+ power ups , 16 ball types ... 1 bat.

iPhone X fixes
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更新日時:2021年1月17日 17時21分




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