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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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The DodsPeople app provides iPhone and iPad users access to the MP section of the DodsPeople online subscriber service.

Activating your 2011 Party Conference trial
From Wednesday 14th September until Monday 10th October enjoy full access to the information on every member of Parliament, please email for your username and password.

If you then click "update all data" your iPhone is ready to use. You can update the information at any time from the preferences menu, either for every MP or for individual MPs from the actions button on their record.

If you have any issues, please contact


DodsPeople – free App

Since 1832 Dods has been the definitive source of accurate, impartial and relevant political intelligence and is the oldest political publishing house in Europe.

The free version of the DodsPeople app puts our in-depth information on MPs at your fingertips.

This free application gives all users access to basic information about all MPs, including a current photo, constituency, ministerial and other role information. There are filters to view MPs by gender, region and party.


DodsPeople – Full access to all MP information

The full version of the Dods People App is a mobile add-on to a current subscription.

If you are a current Dods People subscriber, contact us as shown below for your mobile access details, which will give you access to additional information on all 650 Members of Parliament, including:

• Full address details for Westminster and their constituency;

• Email contact details;

• Telephone details;

• Birth date;

• Full profile information, covering their parliamentary and non-parliamentary career;

• Membership of committees, all-party groups;

• Marital details;

• Impartial and comprehensive biographies written by Dods;

• Comprehensive analysis of constituencies including electoral history, economic and social profiles and political issues;

• Election analysis including seat majority, swing, electorate and voter turnout;

• Filters on gender, party and region.


About Dods People

The DodsPeople iPhone app is inspired by, the most comprehensive online service available with information on over 65,000 people including MPs, Lords, researchers and public affairs professionals.

To subscribe to DodsPeople visit or call us on 020 7593 5656.

Built in partnership with Latitude 33

Updated help and contact text
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