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リリース日2010-08-06 14:11:01
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
  • 2021-02-28 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
RiNgO browser with Add-ons to give an advanced desktop browsing experience on iPad.

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➤ "Get a Better Browsing Experience on Your iPad With RiNgO Browser." - By Mac Tech

➤ "RiNgO browser brings tabs and browsing add-ons to iPad" - By recombu

➤ "If you are looking for a great web browsing option for the iPad, try RiNgO." - By The iPad Fan

RiNgO supports tabbed browsing like desktop browser. In this app you can also brows on full-screen mode, bookmark pages easily, manage history, cache, session, save pictures in album, in page text search, open large PDF, Video files from web and easily switch to private browsing.

The special feature of RiNgO is Add-Ons.

RiNgO first introduce you with Add-ons like desktop browser on iPad.
Most of the internet surfer will love to have this feature on their iPad browser.

So, if you like internet surfing then it is the right application for you.

❑ Key Features:
➤ Add-ons/Extensions,
➤ Full Screen browsing ,
➤ Tabbed browsing, hide and show tabs on full screen mode
➤ Save open tabs on exit, If you don't want then disable it.
➤ Most easiest way of Bookmark a link,
➤ History, Cache and Session manage,
➤ History Popup when writing URL on address bar,
➤ Save pictures in album,
➤ Private Browsing,
➤ Configure default search engine,
➤ In page search,
➤ User-agent switch
➤ Open link in new tab,
➤ Open large PDF, images and video file in browser.

❑ Add-ons (All add-ons are free ):
➤ Twitter : Share and discover what is happening right now while browsing on iPad.
➤ Facebook : Be connected with your friends, family and fans and surf internet as well.
➤ Delicious : Open bookmarks from delicious and add new bookmarks.
➤ Gmail : Open gmail inbox with in a single tap.
➤ Google Docs : Create and share your work online and access your documents.
➤ Google Calendar : The easiest way to share events and publish events and calendars.
➤ Email Composer : Compose email and send using your iPad's default email account while surfing internt.
➤ Google Translate : Translate complete website at any time form around 57 languages to English or vice-versa, supported by Google Translate.
➤ Google Buzz : Built-in most popular Google Buzz to find what is happening around your.
➤ Minesweeper : The most popular time sucker game.
➤ Net Speed Tester : Test network speed if you feel browser works slow.
➤ AccuWeather : See local weather report from AccuWeather widget.

Video Link:

- Address-bar bug fix
- Facebook extension bug fix
- New action menu on right top corner
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