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開発者Hedonic Software
リリース日2010-08-04 07:49:09
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互換性iOS 6.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Albums is the most advanced photo and video manager in the App Store. Easily organize thousands of photos, videos, and documents. Play them back in full-screen slideshows with enhanced viewing controls.

See below for an extended feature list; here are some highlights not found in other apps:
+ Transfer photos, videos, and documents wirelessly from your computer or other mobile devices using web browser or Dropbox.
+ Create unlimited separate accounts.
+ Create unlimited albums, nesting albums to any depth. Mix photos, videos, and documents in any album.
+ Create smart albums that populate themselves based on assignable titles, ratings, and keywords, or metadata such as resolution, aspect ratio, taken date, last viewed, view count, media type, video duration, and more.
+ Sort manually using drag and drop, or by any of the smart album criteria above.
+ Instant title and keyword search.
+ Play slideshows of both photos and videos, including enhanced video controls.
+ Hardware content encryption when data protection is enabled on device.
+ Much more!

Feature list:

Import & Export
+ Transfer wirelessly via Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers.
+ Transfer to/from a custom Dropbox folder.
+ Copy photos and videos to/from Photos, preserving EXIF metadata.
+ Transfer to/from your computer with iTunes.
+ Import and expand zip, RAR, CBZ, and CBR files.
+ Automatically match your Dropbox folders, Photos albums, or the folder structure of your zips and RARs!
+ Share to Twitter and Facebook.
+ Attach items to emails.
+ Copy and paste.
+ Open items in other apps.

User Accounts
+ Create custom accounts with independent content, settings, and passwords.
+ Each account can hold thousands of items.
+ Transfer between accounts.

+ Supports major image formats, animated GIFs, iOS video formats, and common documents formats.
+ Grid and list views.
+ Organize items into albums.
+ Customize album covers.
+ Nest albums to any depth.
+ Smart albums auto-populate based on your criteria.
+ Order by drag-and-drop, or sort by title, media type, rating, import time, creation date, file size, resolution, aspect ratio, video duration, last viewed, or view count.
+ View metadata and edit titles, ratings, keywords.
+ Bulk assign titles, ratings, keywords.
+ Search instantly on titles and keywords.
+ Customize video thumbnails and extract stills from movie frames.

+ Mix photos and videos.
+ Pinch and double tap zoom.
+ Shuffle option.
+ Jump to any slide.
+ Loop, continue to next slide, or pause when videos end.
+ Remembers your place in videos over 5 minutes long.
+ 10 second video jump forward/back buttons - hold down to seek.
+ Slow and fast motion video playback.

+ Innocent name & icon.
+ Hardware content encryption when data protection is enabled on device.
+ Add a password or PIN code to any account.
+ Login with TouchID on supported devices.
+ Disable backups on any account.

- Modern appearance on iOS 7/8.
- Login with TouchID on supported devices.
- Import folder hierarchies through iTunes File Sharing.
- New albums are now always initially inserted in alphabetical order.
- Bug fixes
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更新日時:2022年12月5日 14時35分




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