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開発者Roman Maxymchuk
リリース日2010-08-09 14:55:11
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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Biometer - is an interactive application combining four elements of analysis of human activity: 
- Lunar Calendar 
- Psychological Portrait 
- Biorhythms Analysis 
- Partner Compatibility analysis (based on biorhythms) 

The interface is simple and accessible - you only need to enter your date of birth. Most of the elements are interactive - text scrolling, additional information when selecting a cell in a psychological portrait, charts scrolling, etc. 

*** Moon Calendar ***
The moon calendar is a calendar that is based on the lunar phase cycles. The Moon Calendar gives you a description of each moon phase and a corresponding moon sign description. These are based the position of the moon in a particular sign, moon phase, your geo-location and as well as the time of a day. 

Usage: no user input required, alternatively geo-location may be changed in the application preferences.

*** Psychological Portrait ***
Pythagorus Square or Psycho-Matrix is a powerful analytical tool. It allows you to identify the main traits of a person, based on the date of birth. 

Psycho-Matrix is used solely for assessing personality traits of a person, ability to communicate with the other people, personal interests. Analysis is presented as a nine cells matrix, with the Sun covering overall psychological portrait.

Usage: enter your date of birth to retrieve the psychological portrait. Select a cell (a planet) for the analysis of a specific trait. Pick the Sun for overall analysis. 

*** Biological Rhythms *** 
Biorhythms are inherent cycles which regulate memory, ambition, coordination, endurance, temperament, emotions, and much more. We each have three fundamental biorhythm cycles. Each biorhythm cycle has a particular function, and a particular life cycle.

- The emotional biorhythm has an impact on sensory perception, intuition and creativity. The most susceptible to the influence of emotional biorhythm are people whose professions are related to communication and arts: journalists, actors and artists. 

- The intellectual biorhythm has an impact on intellectual abilities: logic, trainability, and abstract thinking.

- Physical biorhythm has an impact on such qualities as endurance, speed, muscle strength, speed of reaction. In addition to this the physical biorhythm is associated with physiological processes of the human body: digestion, metabolism, etc. 

Usage: enter your date of birth for the analysis of biorhythms for the next 2 weeks. 

*** Partner Compatibility *** 
Compatibility is calculated on the basis of matching of three individual biorhythms of both partners. 

Usage: enter the dates of birth of both partners for compatibility analysis based on biorhythms. 

Application interface is available in English, Spanish,Russian, Ukrainian languages. To change the language of the application, go to: "Settings" -> "General" -> "International" -> "Language".

Added Spanish Language
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更新日時:2022年7月7日 05時01分




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