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StickyStudy Japanese Kana (Hiragana & Katakana)

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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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** New kana writing trainer **

Need to learn Japanese katakana and hiragana in a few days using the best SRS method?

*** REVIEWS ***
"I learned the entire Hiragana syllabary -- that's 71 symbols y'all -- in one session of 3 hours and 33 minutes!"
"Best app for learning Kana"
"If you want to learn the kanas well, get this app."
"This app is by far the best way to get you foot in the door with the Japanese Kana."
"Very easy and intuitive, highly recomended! I mastered hiragana in 10 days"
"This tool is perfect for what it is designed to do. I you want to learn the kanas well, get this app."
"Very thoughtfully designed"
"After a few disappointing purchases for learning Japanese, here is a program that outperforms the others. No hesitation to have if you are learning kana"
"I've spent at least 15 minutes of my free time each day to use this app, and I'm extremely impressed with the results."
"This app is great. Was able to learn all the hiragana in a couple hours. And it sticks. I retest myself and I just fly through answers."
"Quick, fun and necessary"
"I'm so surprised at how quickly I'm learning the hiragana that I didn't know! I've spent so much money on other apps when this was all that I should have purchased! Thank you!"
"Concise and practical .. Within a week, I mastered all of them"
"All memory based learning should be like this."

Main Features

◆ Beautiful "Map" Interface
All kana are shown as one large map that you can freely scroll and zoom around in. Depending on your progress, each sticky is assigned a colour from red to green.

◆ Writing Practice
View all kana stroke order animations and be guided how to write each and every one of them with the built in trainer. When ready, test your skills in study mode.

◆ Audio
Clear audio from a native speaker (as opposed to "not quite right" synthesised audio) for all characters and words.

◆ Examples
Each sticky is cross-referenced with common example words (with English romaji).

◆ 4 Decks Included
Hiragana, Katakana, Kana combinations and 'must know' kana words.

◆ Leitner Study Method = Awesome
StickyStudy remembers your progress for every character and adjusts the testing frequency accordingly.

◆ History
Your study progress is constantly updated in a rolling bar chart.

*** Summary ***

◆ A beautiful, smooth, free scrolling "map" interface
◆ Full Hiragana & Katakana included
◆ Stroke animations for all characters
◆ Writing practice for all characters
◆ Audio for all characters and words
◆ Real world examples that you'll actually use
◆ Romaji for all example words
◆ SRS Study algorithm
◆ Filtering, sorting and searching
◆ Dropbox backup/restore/sync
◆ Study calendar guides you every day
◆ Rolling progress statistics
◆ Numerous customisation options
◆ Universal app. iOS8+. iPad Pro ready.
◆ "Launch Centre Pro" = "stickystudykana://"
◆ Awesome support

Twitter: @justininjapan
WWW: http://stickystudy.com/
Email: support@stickystudy.com

I'm Justin. I've lived in Japan since 2002 and I'm married to my Japanese wife (lovingly called "Spellchecker"). I've taken the JLPT tests up to L1 and I'm still going. I speak, read and write Japanese fluently and I'm an overactive developer who really should relax a little more.

-New 'Night Mode' reverse colours (see 'Settings').
-'Wrong' is now shown as a percentage.
-Updated SRS. Higher priority to incorrect red stickies.
-Faster sort, search and filtering
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