City Night Scene(HD)

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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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This collection includes many pictures of the city night scenes,and every one of these pictures can be saved as your iPad's wallpaper.

manual mode is the default display mode,of course ,you can change to the slideshow mode.

When you plan to take a picture at night, the exposure must be long time, the trivet and shutter release is necessary. In order to bring night scene into the picture as far as possible, the best way is joined to the wide-angle lens and the ultra wide-angle lens, simultaneously telephoto lens is also essential, if in the energy band the fish eye lens that will have the interest. Take a picture at night scene, its main photo source is the light, while you take a picture, you may put on one colored lens, so you may change the light the color and the direction, causes the picture to be more gorgeous.
From different angle to performance night scene, you may resize distance, and the actual situation transformation, may as necessary adjust takes the scenic spot, selects a scene take the scenery as the focus but as far as possible by the scene character takes the embellishment, causes a picture has more vitality. You also can use some objects to be prospect to increases the picture level's feeling, there will prevent the sky area doesn't look like monotonous.
While taking a picture, you may start self-timer or shutter release, in order to cause the depth of field to bigger, suitable using small aperture, if using the film is the negative, so it must lengthen the exposure time. If you are using counter- film, then it must reduce the exposure time, the picture color will be so more saturated.
If there is a moon in the evening, you do not have to attempt to put the moon into the picture at once, you will be allowed long telephoto lens to take a picture with the moon.

fix one bug -- it will be black screen on ios4.2
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