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互換性iOS 8.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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PMP® Exam Trainer is the ideal App to prepare for the PMI PMP® exam.
PMP® Exam Trainer was developed by PMP® Professionals and reviewed by a former European PMI chapter official.

All 936 questions (6th edition PMBOK) were developed by an experienced PMP® preparation trainer and are as close as it gets to the real exam questions. There are different question types such as:
•Basic definitions and concepts
•Process related questions (Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs) next or first
•Sequence of process steps (next, first)
•Social and Professional responsibilities

Almost every question comes with an explanation, so you will be able to fully understand which and why one answer is right.
PMP® Exam Trainer features a full training algorithm, which will focus your training on your personal needs and preferences. Each time you answer a question correctly, it will be moved to a virtual stack. There are 4 stacks and every time you answer the same question correctly, it will be moved to the next stack. Also if a question is answered incorrectly the question drops down to the beginning. (Leitner system)
This will help the training algorithm to present a perfect order of questions so the question will remain in the long-term memory of your brain.
In the examination mode PMP® Exam Trainer works like the exam software used in the real exam.

The following modes and features are available in PMP® Exam Trainer:
-Study Mode training algorithm (you can choose between different modes such as “Sorted by knowledge area” or “Show marked questions”)
-Exam Mode
-Review Mode (you can display the overall progress of your training or also the result of your last exam)

Additional Features
-You can skip a question anytime and look at those later
-You are also able to mark questions to have a dedicated look at them later
-In the study mode you can highlight keywords, so the question is easier to answer.
-If you have to adjourn an exam (e.g. you do not have the full 4 hours), no problem, PMP® Exam Trainer will let you pick up your training right at the point you left it.

There is a free version of PMP® Exam Trainer with a limited number of questions for you to try. If you like the app and want to explore the full potential with its built in trainer with hundreds of high quality questions you can buy the full version of PMP® Exam Trainer.
Start your PMP® training now with PMP® Exam Trainer. We wish you good luck on your exam! Though, you will not need any luck with this App anymore.

Customer Feedback:
Alexi M. from the USA: "I passed! I definitely appreciate your app and I know that it helped me a lot. One of the best things about it are the references and I know that takes a lot of work to maintain."

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

- Adjusted layout for new devices
- All questions now for PMBOK 6th edition
- Additional questions available
- Revised questions
- German language is no longer supported
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更新日時:2023年12月4日 08時36分




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