Finance Essentials for Entrepreneurs

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Dear Entrepreneur,

Finance Essentials for Entrepreneurs is a tool you can use many times during the life of your startup. You can use the section on assumptions even before your company gets going, to predict whether your company has a chance of being profitable.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many smart people waste a lot of money, and years of their lives, trying to make a company work, when in reality that company never had a chance.

As you get up and running, you will use Finance Essentials for Entrepreneurs to make sure that you know exactly where every dollar is coming from, and how much you are spending. This e-book app will give you confidence as you move ahead, because you will have a firm grasp on the most important parts of your business.

At a length of less than 50 pages, this is a compact – just what you need to know and nothing more--book. Each chapter is filled with exactly what you need to know in order to start and run your business effectively.

What exactly does Finance Essentials for Entrepreneurs contain?

• I give you simple definitions of terms that are used in business finance. That way you can master the terms—and talk to people in a way that lets them know you understand the finances of your business.

• I show you how to make projections about the financial viability of your startup. With the proper financial assumptions, you can predict with good accuracy whether your business can be successful. I tell you which assumptions to look at, and why they are important.

• I explain to you how to build a revenue model. You can use this as a template, which allows you to plug in your own numbers. It’s an easy way to track your expenses and determine your profits!

• I provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to build an income statement. An income statement gives you the clearest picture of your income and expenses. Plus, potential investors will pour over your income statement when they are deciding whether to fund your startup.

Are There Other Ways To Get This Information?

To be completely honest, there are other methods you can use to get the information that is in Finance Essentials for Entrepreneurs. You may want to try to compile this information in one of these other ways:

• You could hire a quality business accountant to go through your documents. He or she could then give you detailed instructions on what to do, or they could do it for you.

Of course, a good business accountant is going to cost you $200/hour, or more. And every time you need help, you have to pay for more time. It could get to be quite an expensive proposition.

• You could bring on a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for your company. You’ll want to get one with a great deal of experience and knowledge.

But experienced CFOs don’t come cheap. You may end up paying someone $100,000 or more annually. Most startups can’t afford that kind of salary early in their history (although you will want to hire a CFO at some point).

• You could spend the next two decades on the front lines of entrepreneurship. This is what I did. Get involved in several startup companies. Mentor hundreds of budding entrepreneurs. Talk to hundreds more about their triumphs and struggles.

Of course, gaining information this way will take you over 20 years of work, much of it trial and error. During that time you will likely see some of your startups fail. You will gain much wisdom this way, but you will gain it the hard way!

Or, you can pay $14.99 for the Finance Essentials for Entrepreneurs app. You download the app instantly. You will be able to access the information in the book any time you need it. It’s the easy, convenient way to get the financial help you need!

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