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Dinosaurs Unleashed! is a fun and information-packed way to learn about these enigmatic and lovable former inhabitants of Earth. The app presents Flash Cards with beautiful, anatomically accurate renditions of each dinosaur, as well as vital statistics and interesting facts. The accompanying dino-quizzes feature two different quiz modes, and along with other features like Search and Smart Sort, they allow you to solidify your newfound dino-knowledge and become a real dino expert!

This version includes "answer until correct" quizzes, corrected dino facts, more and varied dinosaur sounds, and lots more widely requested features! In addition, two brand new much-awaited expansions -- the Flying Pterosaurs and the Marine Monsters -- are available as in-app purchases!

* 30 Dinosaurs completely free! (upgrade in-app to get lots more!)
* Up to date and informative. Each flashcard contains:
     - Audio pronunciation of the name
     - Average size (weight, height, length)
     - Diet
     - How long ago and in what period the dinosaur lived
     - Where the dino's fossils have been found
     - The meaning of its name
     - Recreated dinosaur growl sound, unique to each species
     - An interesting fact about the dinosaur!
* Universal Application: Your single purchase will work on all your iOS devices - iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!
* Search feature lets you quickly navigate to your favorite dinosaurs
* Smart Sort feature allows you to sort the dinosaurs by name, time period, size, and more!
* Map feature allows you to see dinosaurs from different parts of the world (like those that may have roamed in your backyard millions of years ago!)
* Dinosaur Quizzes with two different quiz modes to test your dino-knowledge
* Smart Groups that allow you to pick your favorite dinosaurs and also see which have been the toughest in quizzes
* Dinosaur sounds! Shake the dinosaurs to make them growl! The sounds are taxon-based to help you tell which dinosaurs are related.

* Premium DinoPack -- Get 70 more dinosaurs including favorites like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brachiosaurus, and no more ads!
* The Flying Pterosaurs (new!) -- Including the well-known Pteranodon, and Quetzalcoatlus, the largest winged creature ever known!
* Marine Monsters (new!) -- Learn about the giant (and not so giant) marine creatures that ruled the Jurassic seas!

No matter your age, Dinosaurs! has something for you. Search through the database of dinosaurs by name or location to find the one you love, or enjoy watching your child flip through the dinosaurs and making them roar!

With this Free Edition, try out the app with no risk whatsoever! If you like it, you can upgrade within the app to get all the dinosaurs in the full version and any additional in-app upgrades. Get them all and become a Dinosaur Master! Your single purchase of any upgrade will work on all of your iOS devices!

If there is anything you don't like or are having trouble with, don't hesitate to send us feedback. You can use the form inside the app, or contact us at our email / website directly. We love hearing from you!

This mega update includes these brand new long-awaited in-app upgrades:
     - The Flying Pterosaurs expansion
     - Marine Monsters expansion

In addition, we've added a ton of user-requested features and improvements, such as:
     - "answer until correct" quizzes
     - more and varied dinosaur sounds
     - corrected and updated dino facts
     - many other improvements and fixes!
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