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iPad 対応。
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~ A Heart-Relaxing Application / Mobile Counselor ~

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Japanese Top paid APP "サトリ(Satori)" is now available in English version as "iEnlight" !!

There are many books and pieces of information accessible to us every day.
They are gemmed with truths.
In that case, can we change ourselves simply by coming across them?
The answer is "NO."
Diverse truths cannot be assimilated to recognition unless they are associated with experience.
Recognition cannot be connected to growth unless it is applied consciously.
This is an application for mental training, leading us from "knowledge" to "comprehension" and then to "capability."

We are subject to being tossed back and forth by various feelings every day.
We feel delighted, discouraged, hurt, etc.
Unable to be resilient in the face of bitter feelings, we sometimes consider ourselves unwanted in this world.
Why are we equipped with such bitter feelings?
The answer to the question can be found in Satori / iEnlight.

This application is composed of three simple steps.
1) To observe feelings.
2) To be advised
3) To write down realization
Each step is significant.
First, the act of observation itself means to stand in the center of your "inner-self."
"Standing in the center" enables you to place yourself so as not to be flooded with feelings.
Next, pieces of advice show you the direction indicated by your feelings.
Lastly, even if it appears to be a matter of course, you will be given supreme realization depending on how you read and comprehend it.
Realization varies from individual to individual.
You can highlight your endowments / abilities by writing down and saving whatever you may realize.
It is a very time-consuming task; moreover, there is no end to the task as long as you seek for growth.

Because it is simple, it is all up to individual users how much they can draw out.

Even the passage you have read so far is gemmed with some truths.
Those who read and comprehend the truths will be able to make the best use of this application.

......Before Setting Out......
For amusement, Kokoron-a mascot-keeps growing.
Your original Kokoron grow on the basis of astrological date.
That is why the place, time, day, month and year of your birth are required to be registered.

A short story is provided so that it may lucidly explain to you how to use the game.
It is advised that you should set out the game by reading the story.

1) After initiating it, you start to communicate with a server only if you register your profile. Operate it within range of the Internet.
If iPod touch is not equipped with the Wi-Fi networking condition or something to this effect, you cannot use this application. Your understanding is appreciated.

2) Once you are given Kokoron and start the game, you cannot reset or change your profile. If you make a mistake, delete the application from the terminal, reinstall it, and register your profile all over again.

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