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開発者Simple Genius Software
リリース日2010-07-27 16:00:00
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iPad 対応。
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A new generation of SG apps has arrived on the App Store, including an app called SG Action List 5. If you are running iOS 7, we strongly recommend you purchase that app instead of this one. It is listed separately on the App Store.

The Simple Genius brand means fresh design thinking for practical project management apps. Designed and refined by a veteran Project and Program Manager, the SG apps address real-world needs for managers. And with over 80,000 apps sold in 80 countries, SG is proven and trusted on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

All SG apps now have an add-on feature called SG Sync, available via in-app purchase. SG Sync lets you easily share project data across all your devices or with others, using your Dropbox or WebDAV account.

SG Action Log is Simple Genius for action item management.

Most of us manage projects of one form or another, whether at home, at work, or at school. Action Item Management can help your projects succeed. Even if you don’t manage formal projects, anyone who leads a team can benefit from effective action item management.

Action Item management tools differ from traditional “to do lists” primarily in that each item can be assigned to specific people on a team. SG Action Log provides all the basic features needed for effective action item management.

As a member of Simple Genius, SG Action Log was designed specifically to take advantage of the unique features of the amazing iPad platform and deliver a touch-based, easy-to-use tool to professionals and non-professionals alike.

SG Action Log was designed as an affordable solution for project managers who typically work on one project at a time and only need Action Items. If you work on larger projects, multiple projects, or want more reporting and analysis tools, take a look at SG Project Pro.

• Create multiple projects and quickly switch between them
• Manage multiple Action Items for each project
• Set an Owner and Due Date for each Action Item
• Set the state of each Action Item to move through a simple lifecycle
• Quantify by assigning a priority value to each Action Item
• Categorize Action Items into custom-named groups
• Sort the Action Item list for a project and optionally filter out Closed items
• Maintain an organized history of notes for each Action Item
• Export an Action Item Report to PDF and email from directly within the app
• Share and back up data easily using Dropbox

Simple Genius Apps
Practical Project Management

Fixed a rare import failure
Fixed sporadic crash that could happen for some people
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