Illusion Hand - IllusionHand , add magic colors to your photos !

価格 480円
開発者Glowing Butterfly Inc.
リリース日2010-07-31 02:43:23
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互換性iOS 5.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Illusion Hand is an iPhone application which enhances your photos with awesome effects.
First, load (or take) the photo in black and white (or colorful), and then use the finger as a brush to "draw" the effects to any part of the photo you
want. It's easy to make an unique photo with your own style !

There are nine effects available , includes:
-- Color Focus :
Combines the greyscale and colorful part of the photo. For example, people in color and background in greyscale. (It's like the effect used in the movie "PleasantVille", 1988).

-- Vibration Effect :
Similar to motion blur. No more "still" !

-- Copy Machine Effect :
Looks like a black and white copy of the photo. If it combines the color parts of the photo, it will look like water paint or cartoon effect.

-- Sketch Effect:
Looks like a pencil sketch. The sketch can be colorful if the photo is loaded in color. The sketch can also be black and white if the photo is loaded in greyscale.
And, you can sketch to any parts of the photo ! Of course you can also sketch the entire photo by using the provided "invert" function (one touch).

-- Vivid Effect:
Saturate the color of the photo to make it more " Vivid ". Just use the finger to saturate any area of the photo as you wish, or use the provided "invert" function to saturate the entire photo.
( Somebody named it as "HDR" ? )

- Peeling Paint Effect:
To make the photo peel off.

-- Difference Effect :
Use the color difference between the photo and the chosen color to generate the result.

-- Inverse Difference Effect:
Similar to Difference Effect, but the result is reverted. This effect is shiny like Guppy fish.

-- Coloration Effect:
This effect can be used to generate various visual effects, for example, hair/glasses coloring, or simple make-up.

Want to be the coolest guy of your friends ? Want to show your taste ? 
Just try Illusion Hand for iPhone !

-- Nine effects are available, includes Color Focus (selective color), Difference, Inverse Difference, Coloration, Vibration(similar to motion blur ), Copy Machine, Sketch, Vivid and Peeling Paint.
-- Finished creations can be shared by email , Facebook , Twitter.
-- Photo can be initially loaded in greyscale or colorful (configurable in settings).
-- Air print support.
-- Support both 3.5 & 4 inch Retina Display.
-- Take photo by front facing camera.
-- Four brushes with brush size adjustment.
-- Pre-defined color palette are available in Difference / Inverse Difference / Coloration.
-- Lock(pam) / unlock function to prevent accidental scratches during zooming.
-- Undo and redo .
-- CSI Light : to show the area which was painted in red light tint.
-- Single tap to show/hide toolbar in editing mode.
-- Both portrait and landscape orientation are fully supported.
-- Has a gallery to collect your finished masterpiece. It's easy to display your awesome works to your family and friends.
-- Finished creations can be saved to the gallery with your own title and description.
-- Finished creations can be copied to clipboard or exported to camera roll.
-- Finished creations can be shared in original resolution or selected downscale resolution.

New Feature
- Now you can choose photos from facebook albums to edit.
- Share photos to Weibo (iOS 6.x)
- No more support for iOS 4.x.

User Interface
- Support iPhone 5 Retina 4 inch display.
- User interface improvement.

Bug fix
- a minor bug fix.
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更新日時:2022年1月17日 18時40分




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