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iStudy NCLEX ® Exam is the only application on the App Store that gives you access to 220 practice exam questions that will help you pass the NCLEX-RN ® exam on your first attempt. Think you need a wider variety of questions? No problem, you can access ANOTHER 300 questions from within the app! The answer to each question is fully explained with reference to each one of the NCLEX-RN textbooks. So what are you waiting for? Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You’ve been working hard to get ahead but it’s been worth it. Soon, you’ll be certified and making strides in your career as Nurse. First though, you have to take the NCLEX-RN exam and it’s coming up. You’ve been studying the various NCLEX-RN textbooks but you’re a little nervous, you want to do really well. You wish you could get some help to boost your confidence and prepare better.

iStudy NCLEX ® Exam is an authoritative study buddy. All answers are explained and page-referenced to the various NCLEX-RN textbooks, a feature not available to you in other applications. This is a serious, thorough exam preparation app that you can trust. You won’t just know the answers, you’ll understand them.

The application’s interface is nice and clean. You can concentrate solely on learning without distractions because everything has been streamlined for optimum studying. Operation of the app is done using touchscreen technology, so simple swiping and tapping is all that’s involved.

Stuck on a question? That’s okay, just move to the next question. iStudy NCLEX ® Exam will show you a list of “Skipped Questions” so you can review them at the end of your session and see where you need to do a little extra work. You also have the option of marking questions to show up in the review list at the end, just like the real exam. This is helpful for you to explore problem areas that you feel you need to address. If you grab study time whenever you get a spare moment, you’re going to love that iStudy NCLEX ® Exam saves your place for you. When you’re able to return, you can pick up right where you left off.

There are 4 modes available to you in iStudy NCLEX ® Exam: Normal, Exam, Stress Test and Knowledge Area. They accommodate different learning styles and push the limits on what you know about project management. If you take full advantage of this app, you will be unbelievably prepared for your NCLEX ® exam. Be warned though, that you may find yourself outside your comfort zone. That’s okay because that’s where you need to be to learn, gain confidence and excel.

Once you have finished a mode, you’ll be shown your results. How’d you do? Maybe you need to study a little more and try the Exam mode again. Perhaps you outdid yourself and are ready to move to the other areas. You have options and all of them help to prepare you for your NCLEX-RN exam and for your work as a Nursing Professional. iStudy NCLEX ® Exam has 220 questions to get you prepared. When you’re ready, you can access 300 more questions through the In App offerings. You don’t have to be nervous anymore because all the important questions that you are going to want to be able to answer on exam day are covered and available to you.

Why not download the app now? You have nothing to lose but you have an awful lot to gain and the developers are happy to be able to help you. Go ahead and get started, you have a lot of studying to do. Very best of luck on your exam!

- The app is now optimised for iPhone 5.
- Added a heavily discounted In App purchase to get an additional 250 questions.
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