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リリース日2010-07-13 11:10:34
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Afraid of losing your iPad and never seeing it again? Left it at a party and are wondering if you will ever get it back? These questions, and many others concerning losing one’s iPad, are quite common.

iRewardU helps get your iPad back where it belongs! With its attractive image and name, if your iPad is ever lost, the finder will be compelled to find out what rewards are offered in this app. When the finder opens the app, he will be presented with information about returning the iPad.

All fields are customizable offering Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, a Reward field, and an optional message box that you can fill with any additional information you would like to add. The reward field doesn’t force you to enter money. Who says the only rewards for returning an iPad are monetary? Feel free to enter whatever kind of reward you wish to give, or maybe none at all. No field is required.

To access the settings page, simply push the info button in the lower right corner. The application supports both landscape and portrait views!

If you provided an email address, the finder can email you, in app, to insure quick and accurate emails getting sent to you.

If you provided an address, either broad or accurate, the built in map feature allows the finder to see your supplied address to help assist in returning the iPad. They can also view their location to compare distances and routes. Remember, the address field is not required, if you aren't comfortable providing such information, don't.

Version 2 brings along a huge new feature, Image Screen creation.

Image screen creation allows one to either choose a picture from either their photo album or take a picture straight from the built in camera (only available on devices with a camera), and imprint your contact information on it. You can then set this image as your wallpaper to create a permanent location to display your return information.

This works WONDERS if you have a passcode locked iPad!

The image can be customized through cropping, zooming, positioning, and select color changes.

With iRewardU, losing your iPad isn’t such a scary thought anymore! Feel safe knowing that there is now a way to present information to a finder on how to return your iPad.

Feel free to leave suggestions in the reviews or on my website, on how to improve this app, and I’ll be sure to take them into consideration!

**iRewardU has reached 1000 downloads!!!! I thank everyone for their support of this app. Let me know what you think on my site or in a review. I'll be sure to look at it. Continue to spread the word and thanks again for the support.**

IMPORTANT: If the image creation does not work after updating, delete the app and reinstall it.

New in version 2.1.1
-Fixed minor issue where the image preview screens navigation bars did not cover the whole screen, leaving a white space.

What's new in version 2.1

-One review mentioned a landscape issue. I could not recreate the said issue, but I improved the orientation code to make it function better. If anyone can recreate the issue please email me the steps or leave it in a review.

-Changed the wording for image creation on the preview screen to let users know that they can pinch (zoom out) to reset any changes they made to the image.

-Fixed a crash if repeatedly moved from Maps to the home page.

-Made the camera full screen for iPad 2 users instead of it appearing in the small view.

-Overall speed and memory improvements.

-Fix launch images issues on certain firmwares.

Please rate and review this version as it truly helps developers such as myself.

Thank you!
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