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開発者Roddy Simpson
リリース日2010-07-13 06:31:58
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互換性iOS 8.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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TomTom AND Waze & Apple Maps & Google Maps

This easy to use app let's you build up collections of your own POI locations in your own personally defined category lists and then transfer them to the Original TomTom Sat Nav for iOS* app AND Waze AND Apple Maps AND Google Maps

We all have favourite places that we want to store: the client in the country that took half an hour to find, that special picnic spot by the river that you just know you’ll never find again next summer, that great little restaurant you found on holiday that wasn't listed in the guide book. The list is endless. Of course all of these locations can be stored as Favourites inside Sat Nav and Map Apps, but they mostly only allow a limited number of Favourites to be stored, and that's where CustomPOI comes in. CustomPOI lets you store all of your personal Points Of Interest and then easily transfer them into the Original TomTom Sat Nav for iOS App or Waze or Apple Maps or Google Maps whenever you need them at the tap of a single button.

*** Three Ways to Add a Location to CustomPOI ***

If your device is receiving a GPS signal then your current location can be added to CustomPOI just by tapping a button.

Locations can be added to CustomPOI by typing in the their latitude and longitude coordinates.

Existing TomTom Favourites can be added to CustomPOI simply by typing in the coordinates that TomTom displays.

*** One Way to Transfer a Location from CustomPOI to TomTom ***

Just tap a single button. (Yes, it really is that simple!)

CustomPOI is an indispensable add-on utility for everyone who uses the iPhone version of the TomTom Sat Nav App* and will also transfer POI Locations to the iPhone versions of Waze & Apple Maps & Google Maps.

Full operating instructions are on the CustomPOI companion website at

System Requirements
iOS 10.0 or higher
Original TomTom Sat Nav for iOS or Waze or Apple Maps or Google Maps

*PLEASE NOTE - CustomPOI cannot send POI Locations to the TomTom Go Mobile App.
This is a restriction imposed by the TomTom Go Mobile App.

Version 2.1
Now you can also send CustomPOI Locations to Waze & Apple Maps & Google Maps

Minor Bug Fix

Version 2.0

CustomPOI now transfers data to the TomTom Sat Nav app without requiring an internet connection.

New Category Search function.

Completely redesigned and rewritten from the ground up.

Improvements and bug fixes.
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