Margin+ Pro(Margin Calculator)

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開発者James Spencer
リリース日2010-07-17 06:45:26
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互換性iOS 10.3以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
  • 2023-10-04 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Are you ready to close the deal? Margin+ is the iPad application designed to get you to the handshake more quickly to determine if that project will meet profit expectations.

Key Features:
+ Fast margin/markup calculator (Price Discount Analysis, Cost Variance Analysis, Basic Margin/Markup Calculations)

+ Quickly switch between Margin calculations and Markup calculations.

+ Quickly apply price discounts based on % or amount. See how your discount impacts your final margin and profit.

+ Need to perform cost variance analysis? Margin+ lets you see how changes in costs will affect your final margin/markup.

+ Need to plug in a cost, price, margin or profit value and see where everything else falls? Margin+ lets you do this quick and easy.

+ Margin+ "Smart Snap" will make finding the right discount fast and easy.

+ Keep track of everything you do on the calculator tape.
- Send any value from the tape to any of the data entry points.
- Edit tape entries.
- Delete tape entries.
- Insert new tape entries anywhere in the tape and all the totals will recalculate.
- Insert totals anywhere on the tape.
- Add comments to any item on the tape.

Margin+ is a tool for fast margin/markup analysis. A user-friendly slider gives you all the information you need for lightning fast price discounts, taking you from quote to sale in a few simple steps. Is your price fixed and need to see how variances in costs will affect your final profit margin or markup? iDealCalc makes this task very easy.

The "Smart Snap" feature will intelligently snap to discount/cost variance values that make sense given any price/cost level.

If you need to perform simple margin/markup analysis Margin+ will allow you to lock in any two of the following items (price, cost, margin/markup and profit) and Margin+ will automatically calculate the rest for you.

Margin+ simplifies the world market by allowing you to change monetary values to all the world’s currencies and number formats.

Margin+ is fast and flexible. Margin+ will remember all of your settings when you quit the application, allowing you to quickly switch between Margin+ and other apps. Margin+ is highly customizable, allowing you to set your low and high discount levels, as well as the amount of precision you need.

Finally, make Margin+ your own by selecting from over 20 built in themes.

Make the leap with JumpGap Software’s Margin+, the sales tool that puts the sale at your fingertips.

- Updated for new iPads and iOS 12.1.
更新日時:2023年10月4日 21時30分




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