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リリース日2010-07-20 12:04:21
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
  • 2024-05-27 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
tInker Photo is a simple to use, yet powerful sketch/painting App that lets you incorporate photos from the iPad Photo Album in your creations. You can view tInks submitted by users around the world and share you work by email, on Facebook, twitter and in the tInker Gallery.

We love tInker Photo and now we know you do too! Here are some reviews from around the World:

(Australia) Fantastic ,simply the best. - ★★★★★ by John L.
"Tinker photo I say thank you. I have spent the last 2 months looking up and paying for apps for photography that would allow me to do numerous things with photos,that I love doing, to give my photos that something special. Unfortunately I have paid a lot of little dollars for apps that still didn't do what I wanted. Then like finding gold in the middle of a sewer field I stumbled upon tinker and I can promise anyone that loves playing with photos and effects that they have found the answer here in tinker. A definite 5 star app,[...]"

(Canada) Very nice! - ★★★★★ by Ryvvyr
"A great littler app to quickly add character to your own photos in no time at all."

(Germany) Grandios!! - ★★★★★ by Dryair
"Endlich ein Zeichenprogramm, das auf Anhieb einen Heidenspaß macht! Ich kann es uneingeschränkt empfehlen. Also, schlagt bedenkenlos zu! :)"
(translation)"At last, a drawing program that is a lot of fun right away! I can recommend it fully. So, download without a thought"

(Italy) Ben fatto - ★★★★★ by Zull
(translated)"Really cute, you can modify photos with many effects and tools and you can make good looking photo collages. The interface is original and intuitive. The effects and tools are well implemented and responsive when used. [The App] is recommended also because you can share by email and on Facebook."

(USA) very powerful drawing app - ★★★★★ by pontiacy
"It is a very very powerful drawing and photo editing app. many backgrounds to choose from, many interesting painting tools. [...] And the writing and drawing is extremely smooth. Moreover, the app can be used as a photo board. You can choose several photos, and rearrange them any way you want, including resizing and rotating.

** tInker Photo **

Use your own photos and pictures to bring life to over a dozen included backgrounds with scrapbooks and collages. Share your adventures with your friends by mail or post them on facebook.

As with the original free "tInker" app by KunKun you can always change the background to view your meanders from different perspectives.

Tested with kids and the kid in every grownup.

- use pictures from the Photo Library and save them there too.
- tInker always remembers where you left off... don't worry about closing the app. Everything is saved.
-Share your tInks by mail, twitter and facebook.
-More than a dozen Backgrounds to choose from or create you own.
-Layers to make your creations really stand out.
-tInker Gallery to see what others are up to and view the tInk of the Day.
-At least 20 levels iof Undo that remain even after the App is closed.
-over 20 simple to use drawing tools and effects including
Fountain Pen
Oil Brush
Exposure - +
Comic Book Colors
Glassy Bead
Lasso Copy and Paste

-Rename the tInks you create by touching the menu names.
-Intuitive low fuss interface.

** check out the original "tInker" for a free idea of what you can do when you purchase this app. **

Visit http://sites.google.com/site/kunkunapps/ for more information or email appsbykunkun@gmail.com

Minor update:
-Addresses an orientation issue when importing photos taken on the iPad2
-Adds a simple tInker News and Challenges feature
-Improved performance with pen stylus. Now with higher resolution touch discrimination.
-Fixed display flicker on startup with iOS4
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更新日時:2024年5月27日 08時43分




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