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開発者Sit-Net SA
リリース日2010-07-23 04:16:45
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互換性iOS 5.0以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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With MyPsy, you can quickly and easily build an accurate psychological profile of any candidate, associate, prospective business partner or private person.

MyPsy for iPad helps you manage your business and private lives.

You want to find the adequate person to suit your professional or personal expectations? You fear misleading first impressions? With MyPsy you can easily and quickly draw a psychological profile without possible margin of error. MyPsy is a simple, fast, and effective tool at the service of your private or professional life, and the thoughtful decision of a private or business partner !

MyPsy is based on Transactional Analysis developed by doctor Eric BERNE, a PHD psychiatrist. Eric BERNE felt increasingly frustrated with the traditional psychoanalytic approaches and he began developing a new and revolutionary theory, which he called Transactional Analysis, a simple, fast, effective and accessible method to quickly draw an understandable psychological profile for everybody. A large multinational company designed MyPsy in collaboration with leading human resources managers to maximize the results of an effective recruitment. The profitability of the tool MyPsy, based on a huge investment in research and development, is guaranteed.

MyPsy has been tested on more than 10.000 people for a period of 25 years. For all these years, MyPsy has been constantly improved in order to better suit profiles.

You are looking for your soulmate, an employee to fulfill a certain task, MyPsy is there to help you find the person who will best match your objectives.

By the way: The most important person for me who made the test was my future wife. The result of the test corresponded at 100% to the profile I was looking for. Currently, I am married for more than 10 years and always happy to be.

The MyPsy app allows you to store as many profiles as you like. Even multiple profiles for a single person, based on the criteria you wish to examine. You can also compare all saved profiles for each individual, or compare to other candidates.

Use MyPsy outside of the office to learn what your friends are really like. It's amazing what you can learn about people by knowing the right questions to ask and, more importantly, what the answers actually mean. MyPsy knows both, and will single handedly help you manage business and personal life.

Josy Cesarini
Former Director of AXA Insurance and now CEO of Sit-Net SA

iOS5 compatible.
- Fixed the crash when clicking on "Return to menu" when the iPad is in portrait mode.
- Fixed the crash when selecting different elements in the help section.
- Fixed the date's position in the result page.
- Fixed the missing custom toolbars, navigation bars and custom buttons.
- Correction of some German texts.
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更新日時:2024年5月23日 09時02分




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