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開発者MultiSoft Corporation
リリース日2010-07-08 09:09:50
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互換性iOS 7.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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iMPP (The “i” delivers instant access to MarketPowerPRO through your iPad or iPhone!). iMPP, Powered by MarketPowerPRO is available for clients of MultiSoft Corporation and their distributors to download for FREE to their iPad or iPhone. You must be a MarketPowerPRO client to enable your distributors to take advantage of the iMPP application. Contact us today at 239-945-6433.

iMPP was designed to give MLM Software companies and their network marketing distributors instant iPad and iPhone access to the information found in their MarketPowerPRO back office. If your distributors want to view their genealogies, orders, commission statuses, etc. they can do so instantly from their iPhone or iPad with ease. Waiting in line at the bank? iMPP provides distributors with the opportunity to check their back office right from their phone. Just met a prospect at the coffee shop? Distributors can wow them with their latest up to the minute information from their iPad. iMPP turns chance moments into MLM money making opportunities.

Distributors can view their commission history, from their first day through today, including all bonuses, fees & adjustments.

View "graphical" genealogy reports in "real-time", volumes, sponsor details, rank & commission status.

Distributors can locate their personally sponsored, contact details & order history as well as send text messages & place calls.

Locate personal customers, contact details & order history; text messages & phone calls can be placed to the customers

Distributors can view order summaries, shipping statuses, AutoShip orders, order dates & payment statuses.

Receive newsletters, notifications regarding important events, sales, etc. Manage your contacts & sent text messages.

Distributors can locate details of their personally sponsored, including name, phone & e-mail.

Distributors can quickly contact the company via phone or email for support or distributor assistance.

Distributors can add their login details to gain direct access to the back office and reports.

Distributors can set the Sort Order & Display Order to their personal preference.

The best part of you enabling them to better run their business? When they make sales, you make money!

Why wait until tomorrow or next week to help distributors build their Downlines and your business to new heights? iMPP lets them do it this very instant using the latest in smartphone technology.

When do you think your distributors would like to view their reports or receive their next commission check?

a) Next month b) Next week c) Tomorrow d) This instant

Lots of companies can deliver a, b or c. We're about giving your distributors "now" with iMPP!

Have you ever considered not only how important access to information is, but also how critical it is to receive that information in a timely fashion? Think about it. Knowing there's a traffic jam only helps if you haven't already chosen your driving route. Receiving a hot stock tip does not benefit you if trading has already started. Timing is everything. You need information reported to you now, not later.

Your distributors' businesses are no different. Timing is just as critical in MLM as in other industries. Paul would make the effort to register another sale before the close of a commission period if he knew he was just one sale short of earning a higher rank in the compensation plan. Maria would push to sponsor another customer into her Downline if it would result in an increase in her bonus earnings and so forth and so on.

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iOS 8, Fix minor bugs
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