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リリース日2010-07-18 07:30:20
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Have you ever lost your car? Just can't remember where you parked it? Cannot find the hotel you are staying in? Been taken to a cool restaurant or bar and now cannot find it? Well I have and that is why I wrote this App. Where is it is a simple to use app that records the locations for mutliple places. So when you are sitting in that restaurant just start the App, type the name of the restaurant and then select to Save the information. The location is saved along with the name and any notes you want.

New this version: Added the ability to save a location without a name. Need to just record the location then press 'Save' and it is saved as 'undefined (id)'. You can access it later and rename it to something more meaningful.

Note that unlike other Apps this app records where the center of the map is (the small red cross) and not necessarily where the GPS has calculated your position to be. GPS is not always accurate in built up areas and sometimes can be quite wrong. It is best to confirm that you are where the GPS says you are before selecting 'Save'. If the GPS places you where you are not then you can move the map so that you can record you real location.

Now next time you want to find that bar, hotel, car, etc just go to the list of saved locations and select to either show it or locate it. Show changes the map to show the location so that you can see what block, street, road, etc it is on. Locate does not change the map but instead draws a red line from where you are to where the it is. So now you can see on the map the direction you need to go to get to that location. As you move and your GPS position changes the map updates and the line changes so that it is still pointing at the location you are trying to get to. You can clear this line by pressing the 'Clear Locate' button on the Locations List Page.

You can view the Map in either Street Mode or what is called Hybrid Mode (this is the street view overlaid on top of the satellite view).

There are two quick use buttons one called 'Car' and the other called 'Hotel'. When you press the 'Car' button it records the current map location under the title 'Car' in the list of locations. When you press 'Hotel' it does the same but records it under 'Hotel'.

Pressing the 'Locations' button takes you to a list of all locations you have Saved. Each has further information saved for it which can be revealed using the disclosure button. On this page you can change the name used for the location and also add notes. You can also delete the location altogether. You will be asked to confirm this because you cannot Undo this operation.

Please note: You must have a GPS enabled iPhone with an internet connection. This App needs to be able to place you on the earth's surface and also needs to access Maps to be able to show you your position and the position of saved locations.

Updated for iPhone 5 screen size.
GUI updates
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