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開発者ATR Institute International
リリース日2010-07-07 07:44:21
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
  • 2022-11-29 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
The Need

Like us, if you have ever been to a large scientific conference before, you may have found it hard to keep track of all the talks and posters you wanted to see. Since this is a common experience for us, and since we also have iPads, we decided to make an application to make it easier to keep track of conference information, at least for the conferences that we help organize.

How to Use

When the application starts, you will be given a list of conferences for which schedule information is available. This app is only used for conferences that we help organize or that we have some sort of close affiliation with, since the data can only be downloaded from our servers. Simply click on the conference you want to view.

When you choose a conference you would like to view, the data is loaded and conference information is displayed.

Conference information is displayed across 5 tabs:

1) Info – top page with conference logo and dates (you can go back to the main menu from here)

2) Schedule – a list of conference days and conference sessions (use this, in particular, to find information about a specific workshop or symposium)

3) All Authors – an alphabetical list of all authors, sorted by last name

4) Bookmarks – a list of talks the user selects by touching the “Add to Bookmarks” button on a talk’s page

5) All Talks – an alphabetical list of all talks

This is just the first version of this app. We will later add many more features, such as note-taking, to allow you to take advantage of the big iPad screen.

If you have previously installed this app, please delete the old app and re-download to install this update. Otherwise there may be some problems with reading the data on some configurations.

Added data for the neuroscience 2011 conference in Yokohama. Also changed some of the text and text sizes to better match the iPad.

Poster and talk IDs were added to help make it easier to locate what you want to see. Session ID information was also added. Names of speakers were also added to the session list for plenary and award speeches, to make it easier to grasp who is talking.

Also fixed a problem with displaying authors without a first name.

Finally, the Bookmarks menu was moved to the far-right, since that was a more logical place to put it.
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更新日時:2022年11月29日 17時10分




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