Civil War in Color

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CIVIL WAR: AMERICA'S EPIC STRUGGLE features over 1,000 high-resolution photos many of them colorized, more than an hour of multimedia presentations, in excess of 100 authentic maps, dozens of first-hand accounts, and numerous text articles and biographies. The program provides instantaneous access to information on every aspect of the Civil War. The app automatically optimizes images and text depending upon the display: iPad, Retina, or iPhone; portrait or landscape orientation.

With 18 different easily navigable categories, CIVIL WAR: AMERICA'S EPIC STRUGGLE provides a moving experience of the history of the Civil War for both the casual browser and serious history buff. The zoomable black and white photographs are very high resolution and bring the text and narration to life. This reference work includes most of the notable photographs in the "Matthew Brady Collection." In addition, over 100 period maps illustrate the progress of various campaigns geographically.

* Overview (10 minute multimedia presentation)
* Causes of the War (6 minute multimedia presentation plus 25 illustrated articles)
* Major Battles Alphabetically (32 chapters, over 450 articles and photos, 24 multimedia)
* Major Battles Chronologically (32 chapters, over 450 articles and photos, 24 multimedia)
* Multimedia Presentations (over 60 minutes with hundreds of photos and narration)
* Biographies (Union Generals, Confederate Generals and historical figures)
* Timeline (5 different years 1861 - 1865, 52 monthly timelines)
* Washington (5 timelines, 18 documents, 49 photos)
* Richmond (5 timelines, 1 document, 4 photos)
* Railroads (50 photos, 3 minute multimedia presentation)
* Medical Care (2 minute multimedia presentation, 1 article, 53 photos)
* Music (6 songs as audio files, 6 sets of lyrics in text)
* Navy (54 monthly timelines, 31 photos)
* Americans (overview and the roles of 6 different ethnic groups)
* America (introduction and 13 articles on American life during the Civil War)
* Maps (18 locales, over 100 maps)

Battles covered in-depth include: Antietam, Atlanta, Bull Run, Second Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Chattanooga, Chickamauga, Fredericksburg, Fort Donelson, Fort Sumter, Gettysburg, Missouri, Mobile Bay, Monitor vs. Virginia, Nashville, New Orleans, Pea Ridge, The Peninsular Campaign, Petersburg Roanoke Island, Seven Days, Sherman's March to the Sea, Shiloh Stone River, Vicksburg, West Virginia, and the Wilderness.

The entire contents of CIVIL WAR: AMERICA'S EPIC STRUGGLE are searchable using the pop-up keyboard to enter any term. Recently viewed pages are stored, so the user may return to them easily. The app also features integrated e-mail connectivity to send any pictures or articles over the Internet, as well as a favorites section for frequently viewed material. Images and documents can be marked and saved as "favorites". You can e-mail any photograph or text.

Hundreds of photos have been colorized. Program compatible with all the latest iPhones and iPads
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