Bella Girl HD - Beauty Assistant™

価格 480円
開発者Mooee Company Limited
リリース日2010-09-11 07:31:49
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Bella Girl HD - Beauty Assistant™ adds new beauty tool to her pouch and is on sale for a limited time.

Bella Girl HD - Beauty Assistant™ consists of several beauty and shopping tools, a BMI calculator, calorie counter, beauty treatment timer, size converter for rings, shoes and bras, period and ovulation estimator, and smart compare for avid shoppers. Mirror – new tool added.

Bella Girl HD - Beauty Assistant™ consists of a set of beauty and shopping tools for ladies:
Calorie Counter - Monitor the calories of what you eat and what you burn off when you exercise.
*New* Mirror – Allows viewing oneself via the iPad/iPhone’s camera.
*Updated* Size Converter – For buying rings, bras and shoes in foreign sizes.
Added support for new countries Australia, New Zealand, France (for bras), Brazil, Australia (for shoes).
*Updated* Smart Compare – Allows comparing and deciding which cosmetics to buy at more economical prices.
Added discount function to compare discounted items.
Timer – Special beauty timer allows keeping tract of your face mask application, treatment time, nail drying time, etc etc.
Private Calendar – Specialized calendar for keeping track of beauty treatment schedules, periods and ovulation schedules.
Ideal Weight (BMI) – Find out where one stands in fitness terms compared to peers.
Calorie Counter – Find out the number of calories in food eaten and amount exercised off.

Feature Highlights:
- Converter specially for ring, shoe and bra size converts between US sizes and other international sizes.
- Bella Girl has a personal mode that remembers all your personal measurements and requirements so that you can access any tools and retrieve your personal data immediately, no need to re-enter them.
- Bella Girl also has a guest mode, where you can share the App with your friends to use the beauty tools.
- Bella Girl has a privacy lock so your period and ovulation dates will not be visible to others.
- Timer has specific presets for you to set your nail polish drying time, hair coloring time, beauty bath soak time and most importantly your face mask time. It has a special edit function to input your specific brand of beauty products.
- Size Converter convert sizes for ring, shoe and bra size converts between US sizes and other international sizes.

New in Version 1.1.3:
- Bug fixes for repeat event updates
- Make iOS7 compatible
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更新日時:2024年5月19日 23時58分




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