Costa Rica ¡Pura Vida!

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* A travel guide to the best of Costa Rica *

Whether you plan on soaking in thermal hot springs or ziplining in the cloud forest, this simple yet detailed app will guide you to the very best places and experiences in Costa Rica. Not intended as a comprehensive guide, instead it guides you to the most selective and rewarding experiences in all categories... along with essential practical information too.

Written by the world's top travel expert to the region, Costa Rica ¡Pura Vida! travel app condenses the very best of the country's overwhelming opportunities into more than 330 top places, activities, wildlife experiences, sites, hotels and dining options, etc.

This visually rich and easy to navigate travel app is jam-packed with insider tips for every budget and interest, from backpackers and birders to thrill seekers, wildlife lovers, and even gays and gourmands.

+ Looking for the best place to spot quetzals? Use this app to find the best birding sites in Costa Rica
+ Want to replicate the romance and adventure of The Bachelor episode? This app shows you how.
+ Seeking a wilderness lodge where you can watch monkeys while you laze in your hammock? Browse the country's top lodging based on location and price.
+ Stuck for a quality place to eat off the beaten path? Costa Rica ¡Pura Vida! will point you to hidden gems that locals swear by.

The listings take in the iconic as well as the idiosyncratic, as only an expert can give.

What You'll Get
+ 330+ description entries, including Hidden Gems, written by the world's foremost Costa Rica travel expert.
+ Photo slide-shows with almost 3,000 colorful photographs displayed in stunning high definition.
+ Offline maps let you navigate based on your exact, real-time location even with no internet access.
+ Entries organized by useful criteria like ACTIVITIES, BEACHES, CULTURAL & HISTORICAL SITES, PARKS & RESERVES, and more, including the author's recommendations for MUST SEES.
+ Entries sorted by name, neighborhood, distance, and price.
+ An interactive search tool with keyboard

Buy your Costa Rica ¡Pura Vida! travel app NOW and you receive FREE upgrades and updates for life!

* About the Author *

Award-winning travel writer and photographer Christopher P. Baker is acknowledged as the world’s foremost authority on Costa Rica travel. He has authored five travel guidebooks to Costa Rica, including Moon Costa Rica Handbook, National Geographic Traveler Costa Rica, and Traveler's Companion Costa Rica. He also escorts tours for Backroads and cruise-tours to Costa Rica and Panama as a National Geographic Expeditions' Resident Expert, plus motorcycle tours of Costa Rica for MotoDiscovery.

Christopher's more than 25 books for such publishers as Fodor's, Lonely Planet, and National Geographic include Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro's Cuba, a two-time national book award winner. He has contributed to more than 200 publications worldwide, including Caribbean Travel & Life, Elle, Islands, Maxim, The Robb Report and National Geographic Traveler.

Christopher—the prestigious Lowell Thomas Award 2008 Travel Journalist of the Year—has been profiled in USA Today and regularly appears on radio and TV shows.

He promotes himself through his website www.christopherp

* About Sutro Media *

This guide is published in partnership with Sutro Media. By enabling local writers to share their expertise on mobile phones, Sutro Media is making it easier and more fun to explore the world!

If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions for improvement, we'd love to hear from you -

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- fixed recent bug with twitter field
- fixed landscape transition issue
- resolved display issue on iPhone 5
- more offline photos on original download and faster download of offline content
- fixed intermittent bug with dynamic updates
- added better crash analytics and fixed a number of intermittent stability problems
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