Wheels on the Bus with Mango and Papaya for iPad

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Featuring Roger Daltrey of The Who.

The world-famous “Wheels on the Bus with Mango and Papaya” TV series has been entertaining children around the world for over five years.

Now, this new iPad app from Lil’ Gamer and Our Happy Child makes it even easier for parents to share with their toddlers the joy and love that is “The Wheels on the Bus with Mango and Papaya”.

The “Wheels on the Bus with Mango and Papaya” includes all your favorite verses and words in fun sequences that will challenge and delight your children for hours. Plus, the app includes a minute long video, “The Mouse on the Bus,” along with links to more videos from the in app store!

You or your child can play 3 game-play modes:

The best mode for the youngest players. The Wheels on the Bus Song and all its verses play without input and loop back to the beginning while the player gets to interact with all the characters freely.

The player has control of when to move on to the next verse and can play any screen to their hearts content! Player has control of when the song continues to the next verse. They can play and interact with the verse screens as they see fit.

A simple puzzle mode meant to reward the Lil' Gamer! Listen to the song and find the object the verse is singing about. When you help act out the verse by interacting with the object you get to play more of the song.

About The Wheels on the Bus the series:

The Wheels on the Bus is extremely captivating –DOVE Foundation

Small children will love The Wheels on the Bus –San Francisco Chronicle

A Smart and Bubbly Musical Adventure –
Los Angeles Times

Developed by award-winning filmmakers, who happen to have lots of kids themselves, The Wheels on the Bus is perfect for 1 – 4 year-olds.

The Wheels on the Bus with Mango and Papaya combines the beloved children’s song with Rock Legend, Roger Daltrey. As the voice of the bus driver, Argon the Dragon, Daltrey belts out The Wheels on the Bus and many more songs as he takes your child on a fun-filled musical journey “all through the town.”

“The Wheels on the Bus Video gave me the chance to do something different,” says Daltrey. “It’s a great way of introducing music to a whole new generation of kids—maybe even the grandchildren of teenagers that grew up listening to the WHO!”

The Wheels on the Bus with Mango and Papaya series is the winner of over twenty awards including the coveted Parents Choice Silver Honor Award. With lovable characters, like Mango the Monkey and Papaya the Toucan, your children will want to play the app over and over.

The Wheels on the Bus with Mango and Papaya is an educational series that has been developed in consultation with Dorothy Singer, Ph.d. Senior Research Scientist, Department of Psychology, Yale University.

Parents around the world are raving about The Wheels on the Bus series with Mango and Papaya. Now it’s available on the iPad, ready to entertain and teach your children wherever the day may take you.

Fixed a graphical issue on the latest iPads.
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