Rick Sammon's 24/7 Photo Buffet for iPad

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iPad 対応。
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Rick Sammon’s 24/7 Photo Buffet for iPad: an expert photographer in your iPad.

This app will make you a better photographer by providing photographic advice, tips, and techniques collected during Rick's 30+ years of professional experience. The interactive app is packed with detailed mini-articles, live-action movies, screen movies, and over 200 great photos.

Use this app to learn basic and advanced techniques, or as a searchable guide to find a fix for a tricky photographic situation. This is like having Rick – one of today’s top professional photographers and authors – with you 24/7.

The app is for SLR photographers, compact camera owners, and iPhone shooters who want to make great pictures.

A "baker's dozen" of studio lighting topics have been added to the app.
- You'll get the new lighting lessons at no cost if you've already purchased the app. We are working on the update for the iPhone version.
- The new lighting tips brings the total number of tips, tricks and techniques to well over 100 - each with great example photos.

This is NOT an app to take photos, or to process them. Please do NOT buy it to manage your photo library - it will not do that. It is an app to teach you how to take better pictures .

★★★★★ Rick points out the simple things that most of us don't see…

★★★★★ Perfect reference tool for in the field or just for reading. Also they're fantastic in taking users suggestions and correcting any faults.

★★★★★ As someone who is just getting into photography with a DSLR, this is brilliant.

★★★★★ This app is a great example of (in my humble opinion) the next phase of online training. Best thing, you can take it with you as you are out photographing.

Content is divided into five major sections, each with a scrollable collection of topics, including:
• Seeing – Learn how to see a picture in your mind’s eye, before you snap the shot. Subjects covered include composition, framing, and lighting.
• Making – Discover how to make a great picture rather than simply take a picture, applying your knowledge of exposure, color balance, flash, filters, and even taking pictures with the iPhone itself.
• Editing – Find out how to enhance your pictures in the digital darkroom by tweaking the white balance, levels, saturation and contrast, and selectively controlling sharpening.
• Tips – Search Rick’s A-Z photo tips for advice on everything from aerial shooting and underwater photography to sunsets and panoramas.
• Help - A powerful Search function lets you quickly find anything in the app, and a direct link to the Digital Photo Experience web site provides extra content that is continually updated.

• Notes - Use the Notes page to capture and email tips and tricks you want to remember.

There are topics to help you take better pictures of kids, nighttime subjects, sunrises and sunsets, fireworks, animals, people, scenery, waterfalls, rainy day subjects, wildlife, and more. Use this app to increase your knowledge of HDR, panoramas, lenses, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, exposure, fill flash, filters, lighting, ISO, photo editing software, workflow, accessories, and computers.

This app is over 120 MB in size, so you need a WiFi connection to download it. The good news is that the articles, movies, and photos are built into the app, so you can use it anywhere - on a plane, a cruise ship, the wilderness. All of Rick's expertise is right in your iPad. Plus, you can read the Digital Photo Experience to get new articles when you are connected.

Support for iOS 5
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