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IV MEDS Ipad App

The Original IV Med app
From the creators of: Pedi Meds, Stroke Scale, Stat Meds, A Love reminder...

** See our New Credential Reminder app (ACLS, TB reminder, CV, password locker...)***
**Ch 33 News report on IV meds: visit our in the news section of the website. **

** Featured in American Nurse Association Newsletter April 9 2010 under Trends and Technology**

Featured on ACEP NEWS May 2010

Iv meds is a program that allows the health care provider have access to more than 45 common iv medications. Some of the medications have 3 to 5 different concentrations. The user can calculate the doses on the IV medications and then compare it to the data provided. This is not a substitute for calculating your doses.
We will be updating our database based on request made from our users. The application also contains multiple drug concentrations for the same drug.
It is impossible to allow the user to have everything in one application. We have created a link from each drug that takes you to a database that is kept current. Our tools section contains an amazing list of resources not mentioned above. We currently an OB Wheel, temperature and weight converter to mention a few.
We will continue to add tools, updates, more drugs to the database with our free updates. Our goal is to create the best IV med program using the best features of the IPhone. Once we become aware of any issues with the program, we will correct the issue immediately and submit it to Apple. Please keep in mind that this process does take some time, but we will do everything possible to fix any issues as soon as possible. We are already working on adding more features, medications, more concentrations, and increasing more weight ranges.

PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE for corrections as updates take some time to be approved by Apple. All updates will be FREE.

We will be adding more Medication tables as requested from our users. Please keep in mind that we will be updating this program as often as possible. We expect the user to calculate each dose.

All Calculations must be confirmed. This program is not a substitute for clinical judgement nor an understanding of the use of the drugs. There are no claims, explicit or implied of the accuracy of any of the data or information provided. We expect the user to calculate all doses. Any direct or indirect harm caused by the user is not a result of the program. We will not be responsible for the user not verifying doses specific to your region.

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