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開発者Lost Pencil Animation Studios Inc.
リリース日2010-06-26 15:14:04
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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iSculptorHD is a 3d polygon modeling application for the iPad. We also have a separate version for the iPhone/iTouch called iSculptor.

“Finally vertex modeling on the go. Fantastic for 3d artists like myself on the move in the city.” Frameworld, App Store Review

“Absolutely stellar effort for modeling on the go. As a game developer this is a fantastic tool to have along with for fleshing out ideas no matter where inspiration hits. Thank you for your hard work.” pixelplacement, App Store Review

Your iPad is so handy! Now you can create 3d models at any time and in any place. Start or finish the 3d model that you were waiting to work on when you got back to your computer or laptop.

iSculptorHD allows you to move vertices and polygons, create polygons using extrusion and split polygon tools, and much more to create 3d models that can be exported to your favorite 3d application (that accepts wavefront OBJ files) or shared with your friends.

iSculptorHD also allows you to import objects from your favorite 3d application which allows you to continue working on your model on the iPad.

Features include:

- uses strengths of cursor and touch technologies
- undo
- moving polygons and vertices
- extrusion of polygons
- scaling of polygons and vertex groups
- splitting polygon loops
- merging vertices
- alignment of vertices
- triangulation and quadrangulation
- rotating, panning and zooming of camera

To see iSculptor (the iPhone version of iSculptorHD) in action: (select iSculptorHD, then Tutorials - please note there are mobile versions of the videos under the section "Mobile Device Videos")

Currently the main functional difference between iSculptorHD (the iPad version) and iSculptor (the iPhone/iTouch version) is that the iPad version has a floating tool palette.

New Features iSculptorHD v1.01

* Added a new navigation scheme which allows you to rotate the model by touch/dragging outside the model instead of using the side scroll area.

* Added sensitivity settings/options for camera rotation/panning.

* Added sensitivity settings/options for editing move/extrude/scale.

* Added color settings for the background of the model view and the ambient light cast on a model.

Bug Fixes

* iPad rotation caused a problem that continuously reset the model view.

* iPad laying flat would confuse the app as to it's orientation.

* When touch/dragging the marquee too quickly it would stop marquee selecting.

More features coming soon!
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