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Easy Weight Loss HD

価格 500円
295.2MB (ダウンロードにWIFIが必要)
開発者Darren Marks
リリース日2010-07-26 05:22:07
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iPad 対応。
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This powerful application, created by Darren Marks, one of the UKs leading and most effective hypnotherapists combines four state of the art audio hypnosis sessions with video interviews and tips to ensure you achieve your weight loss goals with ease and confidence. The app includes the recording Lose Weight Now, which was recommended in Zest magazine.

“The Ultimate in Self Help… The high quality recordings entertain, relax, entrance and help get results rapidly” Yoga Magazine

This app really works the iPhone version has received rave reviews in the appstore all around the world. Here are just a couple of them:

"Works great, worth every penny" *****

I've been using the easy weight loss recording for many months now and have lost almost 55lbs now. The audio is clear, the music is pleasant to listen to, and the technique used is very good. I've used other hypnosis recordings in the past, and haven't stuck with any of them until this one. I noticed changes in the amounts I ate and the speed I ate them at within just a few days of listening to them.

I highly recommend this app and the weight loss recording - permanent changes are always better than any fad diet.

Many of my friends have asked how I've been losing weight and I've steered them to this recording. Nothing is a magic solution, but this makes the hard work seem easy.

by "Busymomof2" - Canada App Store Review

"Easy Weight Loss" *****

Lost 10 pounds in one month listening to Darren Marks each night. No other changes in lifestyle. Hypnosis App really works

by "CG" - US App Store Review

*The powerful hypnosis audio session Lose Weight Now.
* Additional free hypnosis sessions designed to enhance and reinforce Lose Weight Now:
1) Relax Completely
2) Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions
3) Sport & Exercise Motivation

* Hypnosis sessions incorporate dual vocal delivery & unique powerful audio technology designed to help the listener access a deep hypnotic, meditation state much more quickly and easily than would usually be possible.

* A choice of beautiful HD, relaxing video animations to run with the audio programs

* Video interviews to help you understand and feel comfortable with the process and to simulate as closely as possible what its like to see Darren in person.

* Additional tips for losing weight

Download Easy Weight Loss HD now, be motivated, begin to lose weight and feel back in control today!

- New design

- Most audio tracks now include a sleep option

- Audios now stop at the end of each track instead of running one into the other.

- Different video sceneries
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