Silent Island Relaxation HD

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リリース日2010-06-26 05:28:50
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ON SALE (50% off) FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY. Professional relaxation melodies and nature sounds in one magical App. Top 1 category paid in many countries.

What our customers say: "I have several Relax/Sleep Apps but I find the music really special and it helps me to drift off to sleep" / "I leave it playing all night and it knocks me back out when i wake up." / "Its soooo relaxing i love it!!".

Over 140 minutes of relaxation melodies

Over 140 minutes of beautifully-composed relaxation melodies by renowned artist Hauke Nissen, who has been featured in the press and on TV. Choose one of the seven relaxation categories depending on the time of day or your mood: 1. Morning, 2. Lunch break, 3. Drawing energy, 4. After work, 5. Melodies for children, 6. Before bed, 7. Nighttime.

Nature sounds

20 great nature sounds, such as rain, thunderstorm, campfire, the sea in 3D, walking on shells, the beach, and many more.

Slide shows

3 great slide shows with beautiful images:

Relaxation videos

3 amazing relaxation videos

Additional features

Many additional features, like a sleep timer, day and night mode (recommends other tunes based on the time of day), or the "Island Illumination" feature that can illuminate your dark bedroom with the colors of the rainbow (similar to a mood lamp).

Another tip

Have you already heard of the SILENT ISLAND RELAXATION CD? (Available in the iTunes Store!) Over 80 additional minutes of select songs for relaxing and dreaming by the artist Hauke Nissen are available for your iPod.

The artist Hauke Nissen

Raised on a small island, he has drawn his creative potential for his melodies and sounds from the nature around him over the past 15 years. His instruments yield a beautifully free-flowing sound. The peaceful and natural flow of the melodies make thoughts disappear in an instant, bringing the listener to a state of real relaxation.

Contents at a glance

Day mode melodies: Island of Light, The Island, Harmony, Summer Dream, Mystic Melody, Fable Garden, Good Night, Dreamland, Happiness

Night mode melodies: Song of Silence, Ocean Gold, Blue Sky, Summer Wind, Endless Heaven, Save Harbour, Deep Sleep

Nature sounds: Ocean Waves, Ocean 3D, Island Stream, At the Beach, Walking on Beach Shells, Thunderstorm, Storm, Birds, Wind, Rain, Waterfall, Campfire,...

- Over 140 minutes of high quality relaxation melodies, nature sounds, pictures and videos

- Supports all four iPad orientations

- New Silent Island Chill-out track for free (2:40 -> Silent Island Space Chill)

- Background music can be switched on or off

- New relaxation video: "Visitors"

Thank you for all the great feedback!
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