Movies Filmed in Chicago

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Movies Filmed in Chicago spotlights filming locations for more than 50 of the most popular movies filmed in and around the windy city. Designed for movie fans, tourists and armchair travelers, Movies Filmed in Chicago takes you to filming locations for your favorite Chicago movies with exact addresses, interactive maps, driving directions, location descriptions and photos.

Movie fans will find great locations from their favorite Chicago films including The Blues Brothers, The Dark Knight, Eagle Eye, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Fugitive, Groundhog Day, High Fidelity, Home Alone, Public Enemies, The Untouchables, Wanted and many more.

“It’s easy to see why filmmakers love Chicago. The historic neighborhoods, striking architecture and scenic lakefront look great on the big screen!”

How is Movies Filmed in Chicago different than other movie apps and Internet sites?
- Exact locations and addresses
- Maps with satellite view (fun to look at the locations from the air)
- Locations are researched, visited, photographed and compared to the movie for accuracy - not gathered by often inaccurate crowd-sourcing posts
- Each location includes photos to compare to the movie and assist in finding the exact filming site
-Focused on Chicago and surrounding area
-Location information includes interesting details and fun facts

- Over 50 Chicago Movies with more than 300 Scenes and 200 Locations
- New high-quality photos for every location
- Choose an interactive map with zoom for all movie locations, your favorite movie or individual movie filming location
- All maps include standard, satellite and hybrid views
- Sites have been researched, photographed and compared to the movies for accuracy
- Universal app optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

- 28 Blues Brothers scenes
- 15 Ferris Bueller scenes
- 16 Groundhog Day scenes
- Restaurants, Hotels and Bars appearing in movies
- “Joel’s House” from Risky Business
- “Kevin’s House” from Home Alone
- “Neal’s House” from Planes, Trains and Automobiles
- Train Stations, Bridges, Parks, Statues and Sculptures
- Sites where Car Chases, Love Scenes and Shootouts where filmed
- Recent releases including The Dark Knight, Eagle Eye, The Express, The Lake House, Public Enemies, Stranger Than Fiction, The Time Traveler’s Wife and Wanted
- Plus many more!

Release 1.1 Features

- 6 additional movies including Call Northfield 777, Eagle Eye, The Express, Mad Dog and Glory, The Package and Stranger Than Fiction
- 20 additional locations
- Minor usability improvements
- iOS 4 compatibility
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