Wine HD

価格 360円
開発者Pocket Cocktails Inc.
リリース日2010-06-18 02:34:37
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
  • 2021-02-25 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
★ Includes Over 400 Photos, Sommelier HD, Large Wine Region Maps and Wine Cards.
★ Hundreds of pages of wine content with interactive features. (Zoom, Random Mode, Visual Toc and More!)

Special Launch Pricing for a Limited Time! - Treat yourself to the most comprehensive Wine app for the iPad.

Every wine lover will enjoy the latest creation from the labs of Pocket Cocktails: Wine HD!

Explore a wide variety of regions including French, Italian, European and New World Wines. Wine HD also contains descriptive sections on Champagne/Sparkling Wine, and Fortified/Sweet Wines. All topics are grouped by category available via the home page. Choose from a comprehensive collection of informative topics including:

-Wine Basics
-How Wine is Made
-Tasting Wine
-Buying Wine
-Serving Wine
-Storing and Collecting Wine
-Selecting Wine in Restaurants
-Matching Wine and Food

All Wine HD content is wrapped in our easy-to-use visual interface that makes accessing information a breeze. One touch icon buttons and cross-linked content makes surfing through the app a treat. Choose to view drink pages in portrait or landscape mode its up to you.

Wine HD is fully searchable by via the handy search button. Jump through the drinks in the book with the top analog slider. This truly is the wine resource of the future!


★ Hundreds of pages of wine content
★ 400 full-color photos & 40 wine region maps
★ Topics are accessible via easy to use buttons on home page.
★ Sommelier HD contains over 100 popular wine/food pairings
★ View pages 1 at a time or as 2 page spreads in landscape mode.
★ Flip through the pages with the swipe of your finger or use the analog slider
★ Wine HD is fully searchable, search by drink name, title or content
★ Random mode: Choose from over 100 types of wine
★ Use the Popover menus to quickly view all drinks by chapter.
★ Access the handy "home-row" buttons throughout the app!
★ Pinch and zoom on any full page.

- New Champagne Cocktails
- Added information to the Learn More section
- Updated FAQ page
- Fixed certain page links
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更新日時:2021年2月25日 04時47分




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