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互換性iOS 3.1.2以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2021-09-29 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Notsu is the small but very useful program for those people who are trying not to forget anything and not get lost in a sea of information surrounding us. A well-designed interface and a set of necessary functions will certainly bring you pleasure with everyday use. Notsu — not just “another” program for taking notes but also a web service for easy-to-use exchange of notes with other people.

Notsu distinctive features:

✔ Easily natural way of search.
✔ Text Notes + Lists.
✔ Organize notes using folders.
✔ Exchange notes via e-mail
✔ Sending notes from the web site.

Notsu features in depth:

✔ Easily natural way of search.

In Notsu, certainly, there is possibility to find a note, using the search function (by the way, it is accessible from the list of notes — simply, pull list down and release). But happens in fact so, that you’re not always sure what keywords to use for a search or the number of notes is not so great and it is easier to browse them all to visually find necessary. Unlike other programs in Notsu you can make it very easily and comfortable. Instead of the by turns opening notes from a list or “thumb through” pages watching the “effects of animation” in Notsu you can, easily and quickly browse notes to find necessary, using well-known “swipe” gesture as if shuffle separate sheets of paper notes.

✔ Text Notes + Lists.

With Notsu, you can create and use not only simple text notes, but also tasks or to do lists, shopping lists, etc. Moreover, when you forming such a list you can easily and simply sort items using usual line dragging. The main difference between the list and simple text note is the ability to mark completed items using the markings in the field at the left. Thus, using Notsu, you no longer need additional programs for the maintenance of the lists and can store all your notes in one place.

✔ Organize notes using folders.

In order, to find the necessary information easier and quicker, it is convenient to sort the notes, for example, by type (ideas, tasks, shopping lists, etc.). For this purpose in Notsu is possible to create folders in which notes are placed. By the way you can easily sort the list of folders at your choice. And if you forget in which folder you put the necessary note you can open a virtual folder “All notes” to find a note using searching or browsing. Deleted notes are placed in a virtual folder “Trash”, where you can undelete them by moving to any folder.

✔ Exchange notes via mail + sending notes from the Notsu web site.

Remember how many times have you’ve been in the situation where, having come into the store, you made a call to your wife or friend to ask what to buy and hear to a long shopping list, that you are to memorize. But when you arrive home, you find out with disappointment that all the same something has been forgotten! With Notsu such incidents remain in the past. Thanks to possibility to exchange notes with other Notsu users by e-mail, or using easy-to-use sending of notes from Notsu web site (, you always, can ask to send the list of purchases on your e-mail address, and then import it to your Notsu. With Notsu you don’t risk anymore, to forget something and will save time and nerves.

Notsu — don’t forget a thing!

✔ Fixed bug on startup (only iOS 3)
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更新日時:2021年9月29日 08時14分




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