The Financial 101 for IPAD

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開発者Aniachi Technologies
リリース日2010-06-15 04:27:07
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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The Financial 101 for IPAD

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Do you want to advance in your financial job, school, or your personal wealth.
This application is for you.

See the graphic information and find out if the money really works for you or against you.

Save charts or send by email

See the full amortize information and send by email with just one touch

This application is for everyone who wants to know how the money works.

All people can use this intuitive application. With just a couple of click you will be able to do a very competitive job.
For Financial Students this application is going to save the day.
The application includes
Present value is the value on a given date of a future payment or series of future payments, discounted to reflect the time value of money and other factors such as investment risk. Present value calculations are widely used in business and economics to provide a means to compare cash flows at different times on a meaningful "like to like" basis.
Future value measures the nominal future sum of money that a given sum of money is "worth" at a specified time in the future assuming a certain interest rate, or more generally, rate of return; it is the present value multiplied by the accumulation function.
In finance, rate of return (ROR), also known as return on investment (ROI), rate of profit or sometimes just return, is the ratio of money gained or lost (whether realized or unrealized) on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. The amount of money gained or lost may be referred to as interest, profit/loss, gain/loss, or net income/loss. The money invested may be referred to as the asset, capital, principal, or the cost basis of the investment. ROI is usually expressed as a percentage rather than a fraction.
Compound interest is the concept of adding accumulated interest back to the principal, so that interest is earned on interest from that moment on. The act of declaring interest to be principal is called compounding (i.e., interest is compounded). A loan, for example, may have its interest compounded every month.
All modules includes a very detailed help and examples of use.
Enjoy it.
Find out Net Value, Total cost to own. How much money do you need to save now to send your son to the college.
The real cost to buy a house or a car. Etc.

coming soon

please let us know, what do you want to see on the next release

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