Facial Fitness

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"Wrinkles are to the face what flab is to the body."

What do the muscles of your face have in common with the muscles of your body? Everything! Exercising your facial muscles effects their shape and look the same way exercising any part of your body does.

The facial exercises in this app build up the muscles under the skin which reduces the effects of gravity, thereby erasing wrinkles, and increases circulation in the face which gives it a youthful glow.

Through practice and daily application, results include:
• Reducing wrinkles of the forehead
• Softening or eliminating the ‘worry line’
• Reducing the lines of crows feet
• Lifting the eyebrows which reduces droopy lids
• Reducing swelling or discoloration of bags under the eyes
• Firming muscles of the cheeks which defines cheek bones
• Firming muscles of the mouth resulting in fuller lips
• Firming the jaw line, reducing double chin
• Smoothing out wrinkles of the neck

These exercises are all approximately 30 seconds in length. I know your time is valuable and want you to get results from any free minute you have. You can watch and begin applying immediately one exercise at a time, multiple exercises to specifically target your own areas, or the whole routine, which takes less than five minutes.

My recommendation is that you do at least one exercise twice daily. Suggested times are when you are washing and moisturizing your face, commuting to work, or when you are taking a break. Remember to have clean hands please!

These exercises are so easy to use that within a week of daily application you’ll be able to do your favorite exercises without needing the app. You’ll just know them!

These exercises are quick, easy to follow, and, most importantly, effective.

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