VoxTrek navigation GPS for iPad

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開発者Yannick Semail
リリース日2010-07-01 16:00:00
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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VoxTrek provides world wide turn by turn GPS navigation with text to speech directions and speed camera detection.
In this new version you can download OpenstreetMap data from cities to enable offline route calculation and offline street and point of interest search.
VoxTrek is ideal to find your way in cities around the world as no internet connection is required and will save you roaming charges while on vacation abroad.

Please read the manual and watch the tutorial videos at http://www.voxtrek.com/user-manual for a quick overview of the user interface.

In the price are included: world wide navigation via internet connection, 2 free city downloads for offline routing, a low quality text to speech american voice to speak street names. Maps tiles can be downloaded and cached for offline usage.


- 16 different world wide map types from OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, Google, Yahoo and Bing usable in 2D and 3D modes.
- OFFLINE ROUTING over the cities that you downloaded.
- World wide routing with turn by turn voice navigation in US English, British English, German, Italian, French, Canadian French, Dutch, Flemish, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Czech, Polish, Arabic, Turkisch, Greek, Brazilian and Russian.
- 1 low quality English text to speech voice to speak road names
- 43 optional high quality text to speech voices to speak road names
- Route calculation for fastest and shortest driving, walking or cycling
- Automatic route calculation if you get lost
- Advanced route planning with definable route start, travel via and roadblock avoidance
- Indicates estimated time of arrival, remaining distance, remaining time to destination
- Instant resume: when you start VoxTrek the last route is reloaded from cache and your current position on the route is determined aswell as the next turn by turn directions
- Very easy to use user interface
- World wide seach by street,city,country
- World wide Google address search to find precise addresses by street number
- World wide searching of point of interests
- Point of interest category browsing
- World wide speed camera spotter
- Full USA/ UK postcode search
- Navigate to your iPhone contact addresses
- Automatic caching of maps, images and routes for offline usage abroad
- OFFLINE map downloader
- Route simulator
- Route plan
- Portrait and landscape mode user interface
- OpenGL 3D maps with Multi-Touch pinch, rotate and drag. The map can be zoomed, rotated in all 3D angles and moved smoothly in all directions
- Uses the digital compass of the iPhone 3GS
- Graphical bookmarks that can be rendered on maps
- Bookmarks can be backed up, emailed and shared
- Panoramio image search
- Wikipedia article search
- Resumes iPod playback after voice announcements

VoxTrek also allows you to easily find pictures of landmarks in streets, cities or countries. VoxTrek is an unofficial iPhone client for Google Panoramio.
You can access here about 10 million images of any country in the world.
It's now easy to find photos of where you are or where you want to travel to for inspiration.

- Countries and major cities selection
- Images can be viewed full screen when tapping the slide viewer
- Description of photos are displayed in the header bar
- Option to show distance and speed in kilometers, miles/feet and miles/feet: toggle is in the iPhone Settings/VoxTrek. The default is miles as the user base is mainly in the US and UK

Please check http://www.voxtrek.com/user-manual for the user manual.

Please check http://www.voxtrek.com/videos for demo videos.

Also check http://www.voxtrek.com/images
to view many user interface screenshots.

Follow us on Twitter: VoxTrek

- Openstreetmap data download
- offline route calculation
- offline street name search
- offline point of interest search
- improved map display when zooming in/out
- search speed improvement for search bar
- improved route recalculation timing and logic
- improved speed estimation calculation
- new Panoramio image search results with multiple images per row
- new settings user interface that handles screen rotations and iPad resolution
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