Complete Hypnosis Pack - Lite

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開発者New Life Ministries (US)
リリース日2010-06-11 15:16:13
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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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This app helps you access the highest levels of your mind in order to achieve inner peace, become healthier, and have more love for life!

Imagine what it would feel like to feel relaxed and in control throughout your day, making all the decisions you want to make, and feeling calm and assertive instead.

This app is uniquely different than other apps in that you can build and put together every piece of your hypnosis session.

You get to choose between 6 different Hypnotic Inductions that get you INTO Hypnosis. Choose from 5 different background music options that play when you're listening to the session. And you also get to choose one or two of the following topics to work on each time you listen:

**Weight Loss** - Eat slower, stop when satisfied, and no longer have the urges and cravings to snack!

**Exercise Motivation** - Feel the motivation to get off the couch and do it! Feel the boost of energy!

**Quit Smoking** - It's time to do it. Quit smoking and feel complete. You don't have to gain weight and be irritable when you're quitting.

**Build Confidence 1** - Feel more confident and be more effective. Dissolve all of those fears away.

**Build Confidence 2** - No longer care or worry about what others think and trust yourself!

**Public Speaking** - Feel calm and comfortable when speaking in front of people.

**Power Nap** - Take a quick power nap and awaken refreshed, full of energy!

**Holy Spirit Relaxation** - Go on this journey with the Holy Spirit and feel its presence stronger than you ever have before.

**Anxiety Release & Stop Panic Attacks** - Let go of those unnecessary worries and thoughts! Stop those bad thoughts or those panic attacks right in their tracks!

**Abundance Mindset** - God didn't want you to be poor! He wanted us to live an abundant life. Release all limited thinking and learn to foster an abundant life.

**Test Taking** - Get over test anxiety and learn to take tests comfortably, letting all the information flow into your mind.

**Patience** - True patience is love. Learn to have more love in your life toward your surroundings, whether they be bad drivers or your spouse and loved ones.

**Clean My House** - Get in gear and tackle that clutter!

**Joyful Living** - There's always a way to have joy in your life....if you look for it. Feel the joy and look for the good in every situation!

**Well Being** - There's no reason to be worrying about things that are out of your control. Let them go! And let all your stresses and negative thinking go as well!

By downloading this app, you will only be getting the Well Being option so you can try it out! If you like it, purchase our pro version here:

Phone/ipad now sleeps when playing audios. Made more space for buttons to be pushed on the last page. Fixed iPad bugs. Added more induction options.
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