Financial Statements Expert Analysis Ratios for IPAD

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開発者Aniachi Technologies
リリース日2010-06-28 10:24:07
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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This is one of the best financial tools applications for the ipad

No milk needed

great application so fast.

See our demo

You don't need to be a financial expert or a certified accountant to know how the money works for your company

The application does all the job for you. Also the software provides a very easy and intuitive help section.

This application is very useful for manager, accountants, financial analyst, students, and for every person who has a company and want to know more deeply knowledge about business

With this application you can keep up to date all companies that you want.

keep your financial statement up to date, with an unlimited history for every company

See great graphics for yourself and get great graphic information about how is growing or declining your company.

Just a couple of touches to know how is your is the enterprise right now and how it was in the past.

Email reports with graphics and data with just one touch.

The application includes a very strong financial tools,for present value, future value, net present value,return of investments.

See how the money work for you or against you using our amortization tool. (Also you can email those reports too)

The application runs all those reports

The applications runs this kind of reports.

Leverage ratios
Long-term debt ratio
Debt-equity ratio
Total debt ratio
Times interest earned
Cash coverage ratio

Liquidity ratios

NWC to assets
Current ratio
Quick ratio
Cash ratio

Profitability ratios

Operating profit margin
Return on assets
Return on equity
Payout ratio
Plowback ratio
Growth in equity from plowback

Activity Analysis Ratios

Asset turnover ratio
Accounts receivable turnover ratio
inventory turnover ratio

The application includes a demo company. With a lot of useful information. The application has been built with three different help sections

One for the financial tool.
One for the ratios reports
And the other one for the entire application.

coming soon

Please let us know that do you want to see in the next release

bug fix
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