Video Training for Photoshop CS3 HD

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Video Training for Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Basic Level

Have you recently upgraded to Adobe PhotoShop CS3? Whether you're a new or existing user, get a handle on the features and improvements found in PhotoShop CS3 through an innovative training program: the self-paced PhotoShop CS3 iPhone app.

This course uses a blend of instructor-led training sessions and computer based training technology to deliver a completely self-paced course directly to your desktop. The PhotoShop CS3 training videos give you the instruction you want without the need for attending live classes. Simply watch recorded videos and see the software in action.

Your investment in PhotoShop cost you hundreds of dollars. Make sure you get the most out of that investment by learning how to use the software. The PhotoShop CS3 iPhone app teaches you about each of the features and shows you how to use them. With knowledge and training, your creativity will flow. You'll learn how you can use PhotoShop to express yourself and fine tune your images.


Reviewing the Workspace
1.1 Reviewing What’s New
1.2 Browsing the Tools
1.3 Reviewing the Menus
1.4 Managing Windows
1.5 Configuring Preferences

Getting Started
2.1 Opening an Image
2.2 Creating a New File
2.3 Opening Multiple Images
2.4 Including File Information
2.5 Review Selecting an Image Area Options

Performing Photoshop Basics
3.1 Cropping an Image
3.2 Changing Color Modes and Transparency
3.3 Resizing an Image
3.4 Changing the Canvas
3.5 Using Undo, Step Forward and Step Backward
3.6 Using Zoom
3.7 Adding Text

Making Adjustments
4.1 Using Auto Levels
4.2 Using Auto Color
4.3 Using Auto Contrast
4.4 Reviewing Variations

Transforming Tools
5.1 Scaling Items
5.2 Rotating Items
5.3 Changing Skew and Distorting
5.4 Changing Perspective and Warping

Saving and Printing
6.1 Saving a File
6.2 Saving for Web
6.3 Using Print Preview
6.4 Printing an Image

Working with the Bridge
7.1 Overview of the Bridge
7.2 Managing Images with the Bridge
7.3 Previewing, Comparing, and Stacking

Works offline for study on the go.

New Interface and minor bugs fixed.
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