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開発者Ynon Perek
リリース日2010-06-08 02:40:53
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Watching photos and videos on the iPhone is Fun. Showing them off to friends in beautiful slideshows is even better ! Now, with iShow Facebook, it's extremely easy.

iShow Facebook has one goal in mind - keeping it simple to find and watch facebook Photos and Videos.
This app provides easy access to all facebook albums by yourself and friends and display the photos or videos as if they are stored locally on the device.

Load time is optimized for best performance.

Next time you want to show a facebook album to a friend - try iShow Facebook and don't look back.


* Excellent companion to Facebook for viewing photo albums & videos posted by your contacts. Nice to be able to have everything sorted by most recent first, photos only, videos only, or by contact where you see a listing of each contact's postings.

* Excellent App. Must for Facebook users.

* One of the best apps, a must have if you have tons of friends on fb you can see every one and there picture updates daily and don't have to browse the fb wall.
Very nice app



* PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Get notified when someone tags a photo of you

* INTEGRATED PHOTO DOWNLOADER: iShow Facebook comes integrated with a facebook photo downloader, so you can save your favorite photos and albums on the device.

* PLAYS VIDEOS: The only photo browsing app that provides video playing abilities in addition to the photo feed

* LIVE PHOTO FEED: iShow is the only solution providing a live clean feed of photos. No more having to browse through useless events, birthdays, groups or pages nobody needs. The feed aggregates photos from all your friends, so it constantly provides new albums.

* BEST ALBUMS SLIDESHOWS: Whether you're watching a recent album or a friend's old pics from the trip to India, a slideshow will save you the trouble of waiting for the images to load.
iShow lets you customize the slideshow and select the transition effect, as well as the slide delay.

* OFFLINE MODE: Seen an album you like, and want to watch that again when internet is gone ?
With Offline mode you can enjoy the full Facebook Photos experience even if you're not connected to the internet.

* READ AND WRITE COMMENTS: We all love it when friends comment on our pics, and they love to get commented from us. iShow lets you see all comments for any pic, even in the middle of a slideshow, and create new comments as you go.

* BROWSE FRIENDS PHOTOS: browse albums of your friends by typing their name in the search bar, allowing you to view a list of all their albums. That way, you can always keep up with some of their old uploads, and remember those past gems in their profile.

* THUMBNAIL VIEW FOR ALBUMS: For those albums that you just want to skimp through, iShow provides a thumbnail view of the entire album. Seen a photo you like ? you can jump right into that one, leave some comments and go back to the feed. Quick and simple.


Facebook photo viewing was never easier !

For more information visit us on facebook:

Developed by: Ynon Perek
for any questions or remarks, feel free to email me to:
Special Thanks To: Ori Schwarz, Alex Fridman, Michael Rabin

* Push Notifications: Get notified when someone tags a photo of you

* Option to download a photo from the photo page while browsing the album
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