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DataAnalysis is a general purpose iPad App for the plotting and fitting of all types of data that can be formulated as x, y pairs. The program can be easily used by both students and professionals. It is particularly useful for quick analyses of various types of data by curve fitting, value prediction via a standard curve, and analysis of kinetic data including enzyme kinetics.

Data can be entered directly via the keyboard or imported from a text file (.txt), or a comma separated value file (.csv). In addition, data can be pasted from the clipboard.

After data entry the user has the option to average, baseline correct, and/or normalize the data before plotting and fitting.

Plotting of the data is as simple as pressing the Plot button. The axes are autoscaled and the graph is immediately ready to add to a document or presentation. The user has a variety of options to customize the graph by altering the axes, axes labels, graph title, and changing the symbol, its size and color.

Using touch and drag the user can create a selection box allowing the creation of a data subset. Once the data subset has been selected the user has two options: (1) To zoom in on the selected data. Any fitting done in this mode is global (e.g. uses all the data). (2) To zoom and perform a fitting only on the selected subset of the data.

The data can be fit to a variety of mathematical equations by non-linear regression including simple functions such as linear, 2nd and 3th order polynomials, power, exponential, and log functions.

Data can also be fit to more complex equations for such processes as radioactive decay, enzyme kinetics, 1st and 2nd order chemical reactions, as well as gaussian, logistics and surge functions. The fit can be overlaid on the data with different line widths, types and thicknesses.

Lowess Regression (LOcal Weighted regrESSion) can also be used to fit data without the need to specify a mathematical function. Not only does Lowess Regression not require a mathematical function, but also does not require parameters (non-parametric). This fitting method is used extensively to fit everything from election polling to astrophysics data, where the data have a large degree of scatter.

For many analytical situations, the data fit can be used as a standard curve to determine the value of unknowns. This analytical procedure is completely automated within DataAnalysis.

The program output, graphics and text, can be copied, emailed, or uploaded to cloud storage such as iCloud, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive in a variety of formats including PDF, PNG, CSV and TXT. The graphics in PDF format can be edited with programs like Adobe Illustrator™ and AutoDesk Graphic™ as objects.

DataAnalysis also supports multitasking and printing of input data as well as all forms of output.

DataAnalysis has built in tool tips, a comprehensive web based User Guide and videos tutorials all available via the Help Menu.

Version 4.0 of the DataAnalysis is a major update of the App incorporating may of the latest iPad OS features. DataAnalysis now uses the iPad OS Document Browser as the major interface for the user to interaction with existing data files in native, CSV or TXT format. The Document Browser provides options to share, duplicate, rename, move, delete, create subfolders and create new documents. Furthermore, the user can access files stored on iCloud or other cloud storage locations such as Dropbox, Box and OneDrive. DataAnalysis now can perform error analysis in a number of ways. For example, if you have a series of X,Y pairs, in which groups have the same X value, then the DataAnalysis can average each group and calculate standard deviations. These standard deviations can be used to draw error bars on the graph. Other modes to add error bars are also available. The standard curve analysis has been rewritten to simplify use. Output of data in a variety of formats is now much easier by incorporating the iPadOS Share Sheet. You can use the Share Sheet to share, save or print the raw data in CSV or TXT files. The Share Sheet can also be used for sharing, saving or printing the graph, data analysis, or standard curve analysis. Other options are also available from the Share Sheet depending upon what other Apps are installed on the iPad. For example, if the Apps for cloud storage providers such as Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc are installed, the Share Sheet can be used to save the raw data, graphs and results to these locations. Data entry into the spreadsheet can now be done using the Apple Pencil. New Getting Started and Error Analysis tutorials also have been added.
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