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Peter Schiff was right!

Peter Schiff was one of the loudest voices accurately predicting the economic collapse starting in 2008. As far back as 2004, he was giving speeches, writing articles and books, and on television weekly warning that the reckless monetary policy from the Federal Reserve and irresponsible policies from the government were creating a disastrous housing bubble which would lead to a meltdown.

Already known by those in Ron Paul and Libertarian circles by serving as Ron Paul's economic adviser for Paul's Presidential bid in 2008, after the economic collapse, Peter became a YouTube and Internet sensation as videos he has done since 2002 which specifically laid out the details of the crash (before it happened) began to surface. In 2009, his fan base encouraged him to run for the United States Senate in his home state of Connecticut for Chris Dodd's seat, wanting to see the ultimate throw-down match of "the man who predicted the crisis" vs. the man who presided over the Senate Banking Committee during the crisis.

Peter's predictions warn that 2008 was only a starting point. His fear that both the Federal Reserve and the government would repeat the exact same mistakes of the post dot-com bust which directly led to the housing bubble, are coming true. Peter warns that the enormous deficit spending via borrowing and printing money will lead to the next crisis, the currency crisis, which will be far worse than what we experienced in 2008. In the banking crisis, people lost money. But in the currency crisis, the purchasing value of everybody's money will be destroyed.

Follow Peter Schiff as he continues to travel around the world, and now all over the state of Connecticut, as he spreads the ideas of the Austrian School of Economic Thought, warns of the coming currency crisis, and runs for the U.S. Senate.

About the App

iFollowPeterSchiff aggregates Peter's YouTube videos, Twitter tweets, and RSS feeds so you can follow all of Peter's happenings in one easy to use iPhone or iPod Touch app.

Currently supported feeds:

- SchiffReport/Uploads
- SchiffReport/Favorites
- SchiffforSenate/Uploads
- CTSchiffSupporter/Uploads

- PeterSchiff
- schiffforsenate

RSS Feeds:
- Peter Schiff's Facebook Notes
- Schiff For Senate News & Events

iFollowPeterSchiff contains custom detail interfaces to let you view all the feeds in an elegant manner without needing to pan around in a generic web view. The YouTube view even supplies the comments. But if you want to go directly to the material, easy touchable hyperlinks are also provided to launch you directly to the material if you want more control. For example, Twitter links will launch a supported native Twitter application if you have one installed. Similarly, other views will take you to the appropriate application.

For "Freedom, Liberty, Sound Money, and the Constitution",

iPad Native Release!

iPad Features:
- Brand new native UI for iPad
- Supports all 4 viewing orientations

iPhone Features:
- New landscape mode

New Common Features:
- Clickable links in YouTube detail view descriptions
- New feed: Peter Schiff's Economic Commentary (Euro Pacific Capital)
- New link to phone bank on Senate page
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