OptionsPad : Pro Options Research, Chain, Visualization, Chart, Strategy Planning, Profit and Loss Calculator

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For new user, please search Options Pro for more features and updated development.
Watch the market wisely and plan your trade smart. OptionsPad helps you watch the market through visualized market information and visualize your risk/reward of the option strategy. Not only can you vividly visualize the payoff of options strategies but also can research on important info. like Options Volume, Open Interest, Options Max Pain, Options Chain, etc, which are neatly presented and organized in charts and tables.

OptionsPad is a powerful tool to help you make right decisions in options trading. OptionsPad visualizes the payoff of options strategies, and also presents how time decay impacts strategies. Additionally, this application is featured with dynamic options chain loading when applicable.

OptionsPad uses the Black-Scholes model to price options.

Users can easily create, duplicate, review, and share their options strategy within a few clicks. Users can study the strategy pay off diagram and observe the time decay impact through multi-touch features like pinch-to-zoom, double-touch-reset, two-finger-move, etc. Pressing one finger on the chart for a short moment, users can also bring out a magnifier for precise chart reading. Now users can even share the strategies using email with options-strategy file-format or charts.

Especially, you can handily build, analyze and plan the following options strategies using OptionsPad:

■ Covered Call
■ Married Put
■ Bull Call Spread
■ Bear Put Spread
■ Protective collar
■ Long Straddle
■ Butterfly Spread
■ Caendar/time spreads
■ Iron Condor
■ Iron Butterfly

Certainly, you can build Any Other strategies you create, adopt, and apply, no matter how complicated they are. There is No Limitation of how many legs/positions you want to use for the strategy on OptionsPad.

OptionsPad is built ideally for experienced options players, especially for people playing options combo, spreads, etc. This app also helps beginners to understand the valuation of options strategies. No matter how complicated a strategy is, OptionsPad can graph the combined outcome clearly. Detailed background knowledge of options is not included in this app.

We newly added a featured In-App message system to help answer your questions. This is a great help for users not familiar with strategy building tools.

We hope that OptionsPad can help you in trading and bring you good rewards from the market. Your comments, suggestions, and feedbacks are welcomed to appsupport@mobileinteractive.com. You can also communicate with us through the In-App messaging system.

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