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星3 (17人)
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★★★★★ As featured on the front page of iTunes! (9July). Surf the internet at night, in the dark, without straining your eyes and without disturbing others! Must be seen to be appreciated! The difference is night and day!

✔- Fully featured Browser that adds the ability to adjust the screen brightness directly from within the App.
✔- Brightness adjustable to 100x DARKER than the minimum system brightness!
✔- Fully Featured Browser that mimics the native iPad browsing experience in every other way.


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Night Browser 1.0

Every night a solitary beam of light can be seen eminating from the windows of the homes of millions of iPad users worldwide as they sit up late into the night basking in the glow of the screens of their revolutionary devices.

As magical an experience as this surely is it comes at a little spoken of price!
Not the effect on already tired eyes of staring at a super bright screen with an almost limitless battery for hours on end, or even the dangers of oversleeping the next day.

No my friends, I'm talking about the risk we geeks run each and every night.……the chance of an elbow in the ribs from your significant other - who weirdly, objects to their bedroom being lit up like a christmas tree.

Well fellow iPad-oholics live in fear no more - Night Browser is here to free you from the tyranny of fear!

☀- Significant other trying to sleep? - Night Browser!
☀- Eyes bleary from surfing in the dark? - Night Browser!
☀- Adjustable Beam torch for walking around in the dark? - Night Browser!
☀- Dragged to a chick-flick at the cinema but prefer to surf the web? - NightBrowser!
☀- Perfectly made Espresso's? - Get a coffee machine! Hey this is just the 1.0 version.

Developers Note: Night Browser is a 1.0 app focused on a unique and very useful feature - at a price that can't be beat :)
If you'd like more sophisticated features like Tabs etc don't write a bad review (it does what it was meant to and extremely well - hence the Apple feature), instead email us at with your suggestions and we'll give them consideration for the next update :)

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy Night Browser.
Collect3 & Revolutionary Concepts.

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