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The upgraded tinnitus test software can assess a frequency range from 200 up to 8000 Hz. As one of the users commented, this software will allow tinnitus evaluation in the office even without a booth. Very handy! Watch out for more related apps coming out!

There are more than 130 tinnitus treatment methods, there are many causes for tinnitus, and there are as many as tinnitus treatment apps, but there are only A Few tinnitus assessment tools available. The effectiveness of any tinnitus treatment lies in the understanding and description of one’s tinnitus in terms of simple and precise characteristics. For only $2.99, TinniTest ®is just created for this purpose: handy and useful to describe one’s tinnitus. This innovative software is an iPhone app of a widely used tinnitus assessment instrument, TinniTest®, as an audiologic evaluation tool.

Simply put your iPhone earphone over your ears, and turn on TinniTest ®V1 software. Users can identify various tinnitus characteristics in less than 10 minutes, of course by the help of this software.

Here is how to work: click Enter to get to the testing screen where you will see three sounds, or stimuli as we say: puretone, FM (or known as warble tones) and narrowband noise. Each sound can be played in a frequency range from 200 Hz up to 8000 Hz. The frequency is broken down to 1/8 octave for more precise assessment of tinnitus, better than any audiometer can deliver.

You can find three important things about tinnitus: .

1 Type of Tinnitus: what does your tinnitus sound like, a puretone like or noise similar?

2. Pitch Match: what is the pitch of your tinnitus? The type of pitches in one’s tinnitus can determine what kind of tinnitus sound therapy may need. High pitched like hissing sound or low pitched like an ocean roaring?

3. Loudness Match: How loud is your tinnitus? This is particularly important to find out. As one’s tinnitus gets louder, its annoyance will also increase to seriously impact one’s quality of life. Record this loudness for your counseling and management.

The latest research validation of TinniTest® states that TinniTest can improve the effectiveness of tinnitus management.

The users like this innovative software because of its ease, simple yet fun to use!.

Once again, please remember this software is only a simulation and never intends to replace any professional consultation and testing. Please also be warmed that loud sound can put your hearing at risk and do not turn up volumes too loud.

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