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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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The greatest multipurpose timing application for sports, industry and labs…

« During the race, a ten year old child replaced a member of the timing team on the spot... This proves how easy the application is to use!! » Steeve BOIVIN, Timer of the International Classic Canoe Mauricie race (Canada).

« With an iPad, your application is the best of all the stopwatches that have been recommended to me. Thank you very much … » Jean-Michel ROQUET, Timer of the LAMBORGHINI ARGO RACING TEAM (Belgium).

« I use Chronosoft Pro as a Girls soccer coach. It is really an excellent tool, much better than the stopwatches I've used in the past 15 years of coaching!!!» Shawn ROSEMAN, coach of a soccer team in Seattle (USA).

« I tested Chronosoft Pro in a real-life situation for a biathlon. (…) It worked very well, I did not even have a second of delay with the official timing system… » Jean-Christophe MICHALET, parent of a competitor of the Jura Team (France).

« I have used Chronosoft Pro to check cycle production time, and it was convenient … You always have it with you. Furthermore, it is the only iPhone application which displays time in decimal minutes. » Alexandre D, engineer in the auto industry (France).

For efficiency in diverse timing situations, Chronosoft Pro features 5 operating modes:
- Solo: Time a competitor (or event) on several laps (or cycles) with three split times per lap.
- Duo: Time two competitors on several laps. With this mode, Chronosoft operates like two independent stopwatches.
- Race: Time up to eight competitors on a course. Start time can be grouped or individual.
- One by One: sequentially time competitors on a course. Each start is individual (example: alpine slalom skiing, Hillclimbing race…).
- Competition (exclusive feature of Chronosoft Pro): time a competition by the position. The competitors’ numbers can be entered afterwards. This mode is very useful when you time a large number of competitors (> 20) in a race.

Each timing session can be saved and loaded from the SQL internal database. A timing session can begin one day, resume on another day and will remain ready for display at any moment.

Most professional users appreciate that Chronosoft Pro allows you to export timing sessions by sending an email from the iPhone. The mail contains all the data plus an enclosed file that can be easily imported in any data oriented software (Excel, Access, MySQL…). This feature saves a lot of time and errors by eliminating tedious manual inputs.

Ability to use the built-in accelerometer to generate a timing event (TEM for Timing Event Motion): a revolutionary way to time with your iPhone. A gesture replaces an action on the sensitive screen.

Numerous settings allow you to set up Chronosoft to match your user needs. For example:
- Time display format: 1/1000 sec, 1/100 sec, 1/10 sec, DM (Decimal Minutes for industrial timing purpose), 1/10000 of an hour.
- Sleep mode can be disabled.
- To avoid accidentally pressing a button and stopping a timing session, the running mode can be locked...

What’s mainly new in version 1.4 :
- Triggering timing event: you can now choose between “touching the screen” or “releasing the touch from the screen” to trigger a timing event. This feature is activable in the general setup of the application. This a major breakthrough as it allows a timing accuracy that was uneasy to reach with a tactile interface.
- New interface for the 1by1 mode (classic interface is still available).
- Use full potential of Retina 4” screen : table views are optimized and capable of timing up to 10 competitors in Race mode.
- Few bugs fixed
- iOS 6.1.x compliant
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