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Marketing with Facebook
Facebook provides a huge marketing opportunity to promote your website!
This book shows you many tips & tricks on how to set up and optimize successfully your Facebook marketing.

Examples of what you will learn in the book:

1. Increase the ad’s click through ratio by personalizing ads according to your targeted group.
2. Decrease your cost per visitor by switching from CPC to CPM pricing.
3. Choose the right image to increase CTR.
4. Segment the target into sub-targets to improve ad performance.
5. Decrease average CPC by adjusting maximum bid and maximum daily budget.
6. Use Facebook Insight to improve ad performance.
7. Combine Facebook Insight with Google Analytics to get even more relevant information.
8. Use Facebook Groups for the promotion of your offer for free.
9. Build a company presence and attract fans with Facebook Pages.
10. Use Facebook Applications and Facebook Connect to tap into the viral marketing potential of Facebook.

What qualifies me to write this book?
• In 2000 I set up my first Internet Company.
• In 2004 I discovered Google AdWords to promote my business and became a specialist in Google AdWords.
• In January 2008 I promoted my own Facebook application with Facebook ads. I wanted to get the same expertise I had with Google AdWords for Facebook ads but found that there were no useful books available and that the online information was scarce.
• Over time I found out many things myself that made huge improvements to my ad performance.
• When discussing with fellow entrepreneur doing Facebook ads, they could not believe what high CTRs and low CPCs I was getting, so slowly I was known as the Facebook marketing expert and other businesses started to hire me as marketing consultant.
• Thus in the last 18 months I created over 70 Facebook campaings and attracted more than 300,000 visitors via Facebook at an average CPC of less than 3 cents.

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