YOU-TACK! Pro: The Guide to the Racing Rules of Sailing

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The ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing with Quizzes, Illustrations, Definitions, and Signal Flags.
(Edited by racing sailors, and an International Umpire and Judge.)

You-Tack! is the ONLY iPhone app to offer the official ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing with: Illustrations, Rules, Rules Comments, 3D Animated Quizzes (with an answer review Scoreboard), all the Racing Signals with detailed descriptions, the Official ISAF Definitions with Illustrations, and Other Sailing Terms.

It’s easy to use, with cross-links between the rules and definitions. Test your knowledge in various Call Book real Quiz situations, track the rules you’re unsure of, and keep them in your Favorites folder, so you can quickly brush up before the next race, or when it’s over, on the club porch, or if you’re “In the Room”.

Features included in Version 1.3:

•The rules are the official rules from The International Sailing Association Federation, current to January 2010, as printed in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2009 - 2012 (RRS).

Within each Rule there are hyperlinks to other noted Rules and Definitions, along with many Comments for each rule, along with illustrations.

Add any rule to your Favorites list for quick reference.

•To search for a rule select the Search icon (the magnifying glass) in the upper right corner of the header bar.

You can search for: any part of a rule word or number by selecting ALL; a specific rule number by selecting Rule No.; only the rule name by selecting Rule Name; or any word or number found in a rule definition by selecting Definition.

•There are 7 quiz categories, each with at least 6 3D animated quizzes:
The Start; Sailing Upwind; The Windward Mark; Sailing Downwind; The Downwind Mark; The Finish; Signals

Each quiz has a Situation, a Question, an Illustration, and a 3D animation. Answer the quiz and find out if you're right or wrong, and then review the rationale behind each answer.

Tap anywhere on the quiz illustration to view and play the 3D Animation.

•Check the Rules relating to each Quiz: After you answer the quiz, select References to view the Rules and Definitions that figure in the decision.

•To see the Scoreboard, click the Scoreboard button at the top right corner of the main Quizzes screen. Here you can see how many quizzes you answered correctly and which Rules to Review you need to brush up on.

•The quizzes are taken from the The International Sailing Association Federation CASE BOOK for 2009-2012, which consists of the authoritative worldwide interpretations of the Racing Rules of Saling ("RRS"); and from The Royal Yachting Association Case Book for 2009-2012, which contains the final decisions on appeals brought before the RYA.

•All the official ISAF racing signals are illustrated, with explanations.
•All the International Code Flags are also illustrated.

There are two sets of definitions:
•The Official ISAF Definitions of terms used in the RRS are listed, with illustrations appended to the most significant definitions, along with appropriate comments.
Other Sailing Terms are also listed separately. They are not “official”, but are generally used.

SEND US FEEDBACK: Let us know what new features you would like to see.

Updated Comments along with two important bug fixes and performance improvements.
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